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Passivhaus Overlay to the RIBA Plan of Work

The RIBA Passivhaus Overlay provides guidance on implementing Passivhaus design through each RIBA Plan of Work Stage to enable informed decision making at the right time and order, so as to achieve Passivhaus certification in a streamlined way.

Jointly commissioned by the Passivhaus Trust and the Royal Institute of British Architects, the Passivhaus Overlay sets out key actions and processes needed at each of the RIBA Plan of Work stages for clients and project teams wishing to deliver Passivhaus certified projects.

The focussed guidance outlines the key differences between Passivhaus workflows and 'conventional' project approaches, and aims to help clients and project teams avoid risk and make informed, intelligent decisions at the right time in order to achieve Passivhaus certification in a streamlined and cost effective way.

The guidance draws on the expertise of experienced Passivhaus designers and certifiers and synthesises the lessons learned from delivering projects across scales and typologies to highlight crucial windows of opportunity and workflow interactions. Also highlighted are the synergies afforded by the Passivhaus design process in reducing whole life carbon the RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge targets.

St Sidwell's Point, Leisure Centre, Passivhaus Certification pending Gale & Snowden Architects Ltd with Space & Place. Image © Tom Hargreaves photography

The Passivhaus Overlay contains practical check box tools that can be tailored to suit project-specific needs and is richly illustrated with Passivhaus case study buildings that showcase the breadth and applicability of the Passivhaus standard across sectors and typologies.

Download the full RIBA Plan of Work and associated guidance.

Download the RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge and associated documents.

Lucy Cavendish College, student accommodation, Certified Passivhaus, R H Partnership Architects. Image: © Nick Guttridge

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