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RIBA Artificial Intelligence Report 2024

Read the key findings from RIBA's first survey of its members on the use of artificial intelligence in the practice of architecture.

The RIBA Artificial Intelligence Report (AI) details the findings of our survey of 500+ RIBA members about AI and what it means for practice and the profession, framed by expert articles covering some of the important issues AI raises.

As new tech tools have become available over the past year to 18 months, there has been an increased intensity to the discussion about the future of artificial intelligence (AI) and what it means for society and the architectural profession.

The RIBA AI report provides a member-given evidence base for that discussion.

The report includes detailed findings about:

  • Current and future use of AI in the profession- what AI is used for in practice now and what applications it will have in the near future
  • The opportunities AI offers the architecture and construction industries
  • What risks might lie ahead
  • The ethical considerations of AI use in architecture

AI image created with Midjourney: Credit: Jaina Valji, Copy & Space

The survey findings are complemented by a series of expert articles from cross-sector experts, examining some of the key themes of AI and architecture.

The report includes:

  • Foreword: Muyiwa Oki, RIBA President 2023 -2025
  • RIBA AI survey: findings: Adrian Malleson, Head of Economic Research at the RIBA
  • Digital twin technologies: a major opportunity: Philip D. Allsopp. D.Arch., M.S.(Public Health), RIBA, CSBA, CEO, ORBIS Dynamics, Inc
  • The current state, promise, and near-term future for AI in architecture: Amy Bunszel, Executive Vice President, AEC Solutions at Autodesk
  • Architects and artificial intelligence: Dale Sinclair, Head of Digital Innovation at WSP
  • Adoption of AI and its use within the architecture industry: Jaina Valji, Architect & Founder at Copy and Space
  • The computable and the incomputable: Tom Holberton, AI Researcher and Lecturer, UCL

RIBA will continue to monitor AI developments and provide expert opinion and guidance about emerging and developing technology and the profession.

An expert advisory group (EAG) has been formed to help steer this work. This group is building on the findings of the RIBA AI survey, presented here, to look at the broader, ethical, professional practice, and competitive implications of the widespread integration of advancing digital technologies within architects’ practice.

Download the RIBA AI Report below.

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