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Frequently asked questions on RIBA Membership and Brexit

This briefing outlines responses to questions we have been asked by current and prospective members.
  • today 14 October 2020
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The RIBA is a global professional membership body with members from over 115 countries around the world. The EU referendum does not affect our membership criteria or our position as an inclusive membership body and we are delighted to have such a diverse membership from around the world.

This briefing outlines responses to frequently asked questions we have been asked by current and prospective members. If you have any questions about RIBA membership that are not covered here or want to discuss your current or future membership of the RIBA please email or call +44(0)20 7307 3686.

I am a non-British EU citizen: can I still join?

Yes, we would be delighted to welcome you as a member. We are an inclusive global professional membership body and we welcome architects who have qualified from around the world, students of architecture and built environment co-professionals. If you would like to talk to someone about joining the RIBA, please contact or call +44(0)20 7307 3686.

As a non-British EU citizen, what are the implications of Brexit on my RIBA membership now and in the future?

The UK’s departure from the EU does not affect our membership criteria, or the status of an individuals’ membership. Non-British EU citizens will continue to enjoy the same membership rights as British members and as they did before the EU referendum.

What will happen to my membership if I decide to move back to Europe?

We are committed to supporting our members wherever they are in the world and you will continue to be able to enjoy the benefits of membership.

Now that the UK is leaving the EU, will the RIBA change the eligibility criteria for architects who qualified in mainland Europe?

No. Through our recent changes to our chartered membership criteria, we will continue to embrace and support architects from the EU and around the world, demonstrating our commitment to being a truly inclusive and progressive organisation and profession.

Should I wait until there is more information about my right to live and work in the UK before applying for RIBA membership?

Until the end of the transition period, no changes will occur as a direct result of the vote to leave the EU. UK citizens will maintain the ability to work in the EU and UK employers will be free to employ nationals of any EU member state.

RIBA is committed to being an inclusive global membership body. We are the voice and advocate for our members from over 115 countries around the world. We work with government to champion the value that an architect brings and to achieve change to help our members engage with the challenges and opportunities of a changing world. We will continue to do this throughout and after the Brexit debate.

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