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Working internationally guidance

This booklet, published by the RIBA, aims to encourage RIBA architects to develop international business opportunities into long-term success by adopting a strategic approach to their ventures into overseas markets.

RIBA Working Internationally - a guide for practices

Seeking overseas business is a logical strategy for many firms, especially if they are successful in their domestic market and are looking to grow.

Working internationally may be harder than simply selling your services in your domestic market, but it will expand your potential market. It may also entail taking on additional risks, but by reducing your dependence on your domestic market you will spread your risks over a wider base – for example, risks of non-payment or company liquidation linked to cyclical problems in one market will be evened out by stronger performance in another. Additionally, working in a different country will expose you to new ideas and lead you to develop new partnerships, which can be beneficial to your practice in a whole host of ways, including in your domestic market.

This guide presents a six-step plan for working internationally in the field of architecture and related services.

The plan is relevant to all practices working internationally, from those embarking on overseas projects for the first time to experienced practices looking to improve their business performance. Following the plan will not only help you to maximise the returns on your investments, but should also ensure that you enjoy the experience of working with international partners.

For more information, download Working Internationally - A guide for practices

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