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Technical security services for architectural practices

We understand the importance of protecting your business from the growing cybercrime industry, so we’ve done the due diligence to provide members with a trustworthy cybersecurity solution to protect you professionally and affordably. RIBA has partnered with Mitigo to offer our members technical and cyber security services with exclusive discounts. Find out more about Lindsay Hill, Chief Executive Officer at Mitigo in our RIBA Business Supplier Spotlight series.

86% of cyber attack victims already have firewall security in place

The importance of protecting your practice

Organisations in the UK are targeted by cyber criminals thousands of times per day and protecting your business is a big and fast-growing issue. Without adequate protection in place, victims could face theft of information, data, financial and intellectual property, reputational damage, and even potential for regulator action and fines.

Architecture is heavily dependent on technology and cyber-attacks can seriously disrupt how your practice operates. With a staggering 86% of victims already having firewall security in place, there is a need for a more robust solution.

Mitigo will focus on three key pillars of your practice - technology, people, and your processes

Service summary

Focusing on three key pillars of your practice - technology, people and your processes - the team will work with you to assess exposure to dangers of any kind.

The service includes:


  • on and off site assessments of your technical security arrangements, followed by a report with recommendations and advice on how to close the identified gaps
  • on and off site vulnerability scanning of your network and devices, followed by cyber risk ratings and a detailed "get well plan"
  • direct liaising with your team or outsourced IT providers if wished

Cyber people training and competence

  • an eLearning platform for your staff, offering cyber training, awareness modules and competence training
  • periodic simulated cyber-attacks agreed with you to promote continuous learning, vigilance against cyber threats and to assess people vulnerabilities

Governance - cyber security policies

  • on and off site review of your cybersecurity control framework, preparation of tailored policies for your organization to deal with cyber and data security effectively
  • preparation of a tailored regime of maintenance and management tasks for continued cyber protection
  • annual review of control framework and updated policies and maintenance

Digital dashboard

All the services will be combined into a simple online dashboard to enable you to view and access all your services.

The importance of cyber security in the workplace

Cyber Incident Emergency Hotline

Mitigo provides a rapid response, containment, and investigation service. To request help, even for a suspected breach, have your RIBA Member number ready and call the hotline.

For general inquiries and to find out more information contact RIBA’s cyber security partner, Mitigo. +44 (0)161 88 33 507

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