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How to submit a book idea

Every good book starts with a clear idea and a sense of who you are writing for.

Why will a particular audience – whether it is architects, students or clients – need a specific book on the subject? Why is the topic pertinent? How does it respond to a current question or information need that is not covered by the existing literature?

Before committing to the process of submitting a formal book proposal, authors are encouraged to put forward ideas to commissioning editors, developing them through discussion – over email or via an online call.

Our commissioning team is always open to receiving ideas for books about architecture, building design and construction.

If you have expertise in a particular area of architectural design or have undertaken relevant research, we would love to hear from you. You don't have to be an established author to get published: every new publication starts with an idea, and we can help you to develop that seed into a high-quality manuscript and a well designed book that will find an audience.

Whether you specialise in a specific area of technical design, practice or subject area, we produce books that meet the current needs and interests of architects, built environment professionals, and students.

Book idea form

We treat every idea on its merits, and can promise friendly, professional advice.

To enable us to properly evaluate your idea for new content, please complete the following form. We will treat the form confidentially and contact you with our feedback.

How we achieve high editorial and production qualities on our publications

We treat every idea on its merits, and from proposal through to final published book, you will receive thoughtful and professional feedback on your work. Our commissioning editors will work with you to refine your proposal and edit and feedback on all stages of the manuscript, providing crucial support and guidance, in conjunction with an assistant editor. Both book proposals and draft manuscripts are sent out for expert review.

Our talented production and design team steer you through the production process, on hand to help with queries and provide exceptional author care. After publication, our marketing and sales teams ensure your book receives the attention it deserves. At RIBA Publishing every title is invested in with a high level of consideration and care.

Who are our authors?

Our authors are a mix of industry experts, academics, experienced design professionals and specialist journalists. Here’s what some of them had to say about working with RIBA Publishing:

“My experience of working with the team at RIBA Publishing has been fantastic. In every interaction with the individuals and departments across the process, I have found nothing but knowledge, experience, care, diligence, friendliness and the utmost professionalism. The team reflects the principles of the profession and embodies everything that the publishing arm of a professional body should be.”

Rob Hyde, co-editor of Defining Contemporary Professionalism and Design Studio vol. 2 Intelligent Control: Disruptive Technologies

"Publishing is very much like an architectural project: creative, complex, multi-stage, deadline-driven and very reliant on teamwork. The superb team at RIBA Publishing has all the required professionalism and skill to ensure a joined-up process with a really great outcome. Even operating within the difficult constraints of recent times, there is the very enjoyable, productive feeling of working with trusted colleagues."

Huw Heywood, author of 101 Rules of Thumb for Low Energy Architecture

The publishing team

Find out more about our publishing team and how they can help you from start to finish.

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