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Juliette Mitchell
Talks and lectures

Banishing the blank page: a writing workshop with Juliette Mitchell

Join us for the first event in the Small Practice Toolkit CPD series from the Small Practice Network and Sheffield Society of Architects.

Getting words down on paper (or screen) can be tricky, troublesome, and painful. But it's a great way to spark ideas, inspire potential clients, and build your reputation.

As a former editor of Penguin, Juliette Mitchell was inspired by working with people who were not aspiring writers but who needed to use writing as a tool to take their business to the next level. The process of working with architects on her own house was the catalyst for Juliette to combine her passion for writing alongside architecture.

This online workshop is your chance to recharge your writing batteries and find fresh ways to write about your practice and yourself. You'll learn how to tell great stories about your projects, and you'll come away with a toolkit of tricks and strategies for when you’re at your desk and in need of inspiration.

Juliette helps architects tell better stories and inspire the clients they want. Find out about Juliette's workshops, writing courses, and coaching sessions.

The Small Practice Toolkit series is an insightful series designed to equip architects working in small practices across the north with the skills needed to help your businesses thrive. Register now for your free ticket, then pull up a chair, grab a laptop and a coffee, and join the network.