Rachel Manns

Design Quest: Deeper underground (in-person workshop) - August 2022

Join us for this two day in-person workshop to explore the potential of underground dwellings and infrastructure through making, design, and play. For children aged 7 to 10.

About the workshop

Design Quest: Deeper underground - in-person workshop

Monday 22 August to Tuesday 23rd August 2022, 11am to 4pm

For children aged 7 to 10

What's the opposite of a skyscraper? ...and why would we want to build.......downwards? Does the underground have as much potential as above the earth’s crust?

From tunnelling for sewage systems and underground railways to subterranean cities, humans have always been fascinated with building and burrowing underground.

But what kind of structures can we actually make beneath the surface? What materials could we use, and can we get any sunlight underground? How low can we go?

From invisible houses, green roofs, tunnels, bunkers, sunken parks, and entire underground towns, in this creative and practical architecture workshop we will explore the possibilities of underground structures, hidden from the outside world.

Join us for this two day, in-person, workshop to explore the potential of underground dwelling and infrastructure through making, design, and play. We will undertake a series of games and challenges exploring different kinds of sub-surface architecture, before working together to design and build our own subterranean superstructure.

This creative architecture workshop is led by artist educator Zoe Allen for children aged 7 to 10 years.

About the workshop series

For ages 7 to 10, our Design Quest workshops inspire younger children to use their imagination and hands-on creativity for a fun introduction to architecture. Previous workshops have seen participants create optical illusions, design sustainable dens, build stage sets, develop an animated story around a public space, or assemble a house for a mouse.

Based in London, mainly in our HQ at 66 Portland Place, all participants must arrive by 11am. These workshops are led by professional educators and all materials are included in the ticket price, but lunch is not provided.

Tickets must be booked by a parent or guardian. Online booking in advance is essential and if we do not receive full registration information in advance of the event, we cannot allow the participant to attend.

Some of our workshops involve a visit to an offsite location that is designed to enhance the learning experience and provide vital real world context. Children are supervised by RIBA staff and volunteers at all times during such visits, and location information is provided in advance.

Workshop costs

  • £100
  • £75 for participants who qualify for free school lunch (proof required)

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