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Various crafting tools including glue, tape, scissors, and pens catching the sunlight on a workbench
Rachel Manns

Design Quest: Space scraper (in-person workshop)

A fun packed workshop thinking about the size and scale of the world’s skyscrapers and considering the reasons for building ‘up’ instead of ‘out’.

For children aged 7-10 years.

Have you ever wondered why we make buildings so high? Do we really want to scrape the sky? What’s the tallest building in the world? Where does the sky start anyway? Did you know the first ‘skyscrapers were only 10-20 stories high? Now, the tallest buildings have more than 120 floors and soar right up to the stars; but how lofty are our human ambitions? Do we really need to go so big? What are the benefits of elevation and just how high is ‘high?

About the event

In this creative architecture workshop, we are going as high as the sky as participants will think about the size and scale of the world’s biggest buildings and consider the reasons for building ‘up’ instead of ‘out’. We will learn about the tallest buildings in the world, taking part in a series of games and practical challenges, including expansive drawing and collaborative building.

We will also explore the properties of different materials, thinking about shape, form and structure, then design and model the world’s newest, most brilliant tallest tower.

This creative architecture workshop is led by artist educator Zoe Allen for children aged 7 to 10 years.

About Zoe Allen

Zoe Allen is an artist and educator who makes collage, assemblage, sculpture, and paintings. She uses materials foraged from sites which have particular meanings or memories, re-purposing these to create new conversations. Zoe also has a collaborative practice in which she works with other artists to create large scale installation informed by architectural forms and mechanisms.