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The technique of drawing in perspective, Hans Vredeman de Vries, 1605 available in RIBAPix

Disappear Here

Disappear Here: On perspective and other kinds of space is a new commission by Sam Jacob Studio which leads the visitor through deceptive murals, cunning architectural structures and a newly commissioned film to trace the lineage of perspective across centuries and technologies.

From the Renaissance to the present day, perspective has been a constant in architectural writing and illustration. This exhibition explores how perspective spans truth and illusion, linking the disciplines of art, architecture and mathematics.

Perspective drawing has been applied to the art of building for centuries and used as a tool to evoke illusory architectural spaces: a way of seeing which became a way of building. By translating three-dimensional space onto a two-dimensional surface, it has become the ultimate quest to depict realistic impressions of a complex world.

Informed by RIBA’s vast collection, Sam Jacob Studio has redesigned the Architecture Gallery at 66 Portland as a conceptual, interactive space, where the visitor becomes a participant within the space of representation, while viewing original drawings and rare books by some of the most talented designers in history.

This is the first solo exhibition in an institution by Sam Jacob Studio.

The exhibition features a specially commissioned film developed in collaboration with Shedworks and additional material on loan from Drawing Matter.

Events programme

A programme of events for adults, children and young people are scheduled throughout the duration of the exhibition. View the full programme of events

Opening times

Monday to Saturday: 10am to 5pm
Tuesday: 10am to 8pm
Sunday: Closed

Special Edition Collage

View Sam Jacob's Special Edition Collage created especially as part of this exhibition.

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