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Playing the Picturesque at the RIBA, London, 2019 © Tristan Fewings, Getty Images

Playing the Picturesque at The Edge in Bath

Step into the gallery and experience an interactive installation exploring the boundaries between virtual and physical space.

We are delighted to present Playing the Picturesque this autumn on tour at the Andrew Brownsword Gallery in Bath. Complimenting the four original follies commissioned for the RIBA's Architecture Gallery, this iteration premiers a new addition: the local landmark Palladian Bridge at Prior Park.

The installation takes the form of a series of scaled folly structures extracted from real picturesque landscapes, extended into interactive virtual game environments through digital projections. By exploring the movement between physical and virtual realms, it asks whether such boundaries are now so fluid that we can consider virtual worlds as sites for realising architecture in their own right.

You+Pea is the architectural design studio of Sandra Youkhana and Luke Caspar Pearson. Their work explores the integration of video game technologies into architectural design.

Opening times

Tuesday to Saturday: 11am to 5pm