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Reading Architecture: Making Marks review

Read the reviews written by students about Making Marks, winner of the 'Best for aspiring architects' age 14+ category, as part of RIBA's Reading Architecture programme.

Reading Architecture is a literacy project designed to help RIBA understand what architecture books we should be recommending to children, young people and teachers. During the summer term of 2021 over 650 students from 27 schools across England were asked to read and review a set of architecture books.

Read the reviews of Making Marks - Architects' Sketchbook the Creative Process by Will Jones, the winner of the 'Best for aspiring architects' category for ages 14 and up.

Sara, age 16, St James' Catholic High School

  • Illustration and design: 5
  • Content: 5
  • Overall: 5

"My first impression of the book was great, the cover was really interesting and it aided in a simple appearance which was effective. Especially the grey and orange contrasts which made it eye-catching.

One thing I loved about the book was how it showed the way architects approach developing ideas into proposals. It really took you on a different journey with each architect.

Another thing I liked was how it allowed there to be a great variety of styles that make architecture personal to the individual. Furthermore, it is easy to follow and learn from.

To conclude I'd recommend it someone my own age or younger who wants to learn about the principles of architecture. I think the book is most suitable for beginners."

Mally, age 15, St James' Catholic High School

  • Illustration and design: 4
  • Content: 3.5
  • Overall: 4

"Initially, the cover and blurb gave a modern, minimalistic and concise impression. It isn't necessarily eye-catching but I don't think it must be.

The book's contents are very informative, they do a good job of showing the vital elements and software for the construction and development of ideas or proposals.

The overall contents of the book demonstrate a detailed and very immersive experience of the architects' process through a lovely range of pictures and illustrations that I find to be very effective.

Overall I think this is very useful for a more mature audience. I would direct this book to teenagers and young adults who are interested in this industry."

Students from St James' Catholic High School taking part in Reading Architecture

Sophie, age 15, Netherhall School

  • Illustration and design: 5
  • Content: 4
  • Overall: 4

"I enjoyed this book as there are a lot of sketches in it. As someone who is interested in architecture, this is very useful for helping me to find what I like and my own style of sketching. It's also interesting to see the architects' thought processes.

The book is quite large and the quality of images is good. There isn't too much writing which makes it easy to focus on the pictures more, though it would be nice if the name and place of the building was written more clearly. Although the book is about sketches it would also be nice to see photos of the actual buildings too!

The index is at the back of the book and is nice, and I like how it gives the links to websites. The book is ordered in alphabetical order which makes it easy to locate specific architects.

In conclusion, I would recommend it to young architects so that they can analyse and learn from architects to help them find their preferred style"

Jeremy Nicholls, Teacher at Denefield School

  • Illustration and design: 5
  • Content: 4
  • Overall: 4
  • Age suitable for: 12+

"I would recommend this book to teachers as it has lovely examples of different styles of drawings. The book is great as it inspires students with different techniques - made them realise how much art there is in architecture. Students were impressed with the illustrations.

Curriculum Links: GCSE/A Level Art & Design"

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