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Illustration of baby playing with wooden blocks spelling RIBA
Image credit: Louis Hellman / RIBA Collections

RIBA Baby: Bricks and bubbles

A free morning of play for babies at 66 Portland Place. For ages 0-3 years.

For ages 0-3 years.

Discover the magic of early childhood development at the upcoming event hosted by RIBA Learning in the enchanting Clore Learning Centre on the fourth floor of 66 Portland Place.

Drop in and play with RIBA

Don't miss your chance to join us for a morning of discovery, laughter, and growth in the welcoming embrace of the Clore Learning Space. Book your place today and embark on a journey of learning and joy with RIBA Learning.

Blocks are a timeless tool of imagination. Watch as little hands transform simple shapes into towering structures, fostering spatial awareness, and problem-solving skills with each carefully placed block. Meanwhile, bubbles will float through the air, captivating young minds with their iridescent allure, encouraging sensory exploration and hand-eye coordination.

At the heart of the event lies the mission to embolden babies through play and exploration.


Free to join, however, due to limited space, booking is essential to secure your place. Should unforeseen circumstances prevent you from attending, we kindly ask that you release your ticket by contacting, ensuring no one misses out on this great opportunity.

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