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Talks and lectures

RIBA Book Club: Can buildings be restorative?

How can design go beyond conventional sustainability standards, and create buildings that are truly restorative and regenerative? Whether it's reversing damage to the natural environment or engendering health and wellbeing in the users of buildings, this seminar will discuss how buildings can become restorative.

Author of 'Biomimicry in Architecture', and pioneer of regenerative design, Michael Pawlyn will be discussing how designers can achieve radical increase in resource efficiency, by taking their inspiration from nature.

Interior designer and wellbeing expert, Elina Grigoriou, will be talking about the impact interior environments have on human wellbeing. Drawing on her book, 'Wellbeing in Interiors', she will highlight how buildings should go beyond being merely functional; they can and should reduce stress and enhance wellbeing too, creating happier and healthier places.