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RIBA Building Contemporary China: academic conference

Join this fascinating academic conference led by our international delegation of representatives from RIBA China, held in Cambridge.

We are thrilled to announce the Building Contemporary China-UK Design conference, hosted at the Møller Institute Study Center, Churchill College, University of Cambridge. This conference is a significant part of the RIBA China 100 program, which aims to integrate contemporary architectural thinking and practice from China into the global architectural knowledge system, highlighting the achievements of Chinese architects in promoting global architectural excellence.

The Building Contemporary China-UK Design conference will provide a platform for open dialogue and exploration of common ground through keynote speeches and panel discussions featuring experts in the field.

We invite you to join us in person in Cambridge, where you can engage with architects, academics, and industry professionals from both the UK and China and gain insights from in-depth discussion on various topics on architecture and design.

Conference Agenda:

11 to 12 pm Opening Speech

12 to 1 pm Networking lunch at Møller Institute Study Center

1 to 3:30 pm, Keynote speech and panel discussion

Theme: Low carbon and sustainable development

3:45 to 5:50 pm, Keynote speech and panel discussion

Theme: Regional culture and urban renewal

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