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RIBA & Geberit Seminar Series - Student Module

As a part of the RIBA and Geberit Seminar Series 2020, the RIBA is excited to announce a seminar exclusively for the students at Heriot-Watt University, Dubai.

RIBA Geberit Seminar at Heriot-Watt University, Dubai

As a part of the RIBA and Geberit Seminar Series, the RIBA is excited to host a seminar exclusive to the students of the Heriot-Watt University in Dubai, UAE on the topic of Embedding Acoustics into Design.

This online seminar is open to the current Heriot-Watt University cohort of 85 students under Heriot-Watt University’s Open Series. The Architecture Tech Talks (ATT) at D6 are a series of technical architecture talks to create networks and open platforms for expert discussions, encouraging engaging conversations between students and technical experts in a relaxed environment.

This session will provide students with an expert level learning opportunity on the principles of acoustic design for acoustically-optimised buildings. The seminar will enable professionals to achieve better outcomes and will be comprised of the following sections: 

  • what causes noise and the importance of acoustics in design
  • acoustic regulations
  • how to design with acoustics in mind
  • acoustic data
  • live Q&A session

This seminar is classified as ‘General Knowledge’ and will provide students with a higher level of expertise through sharing practical applied knowledge.

All active participants will receive a certificate of participation from the RIBA.


Remo Hirschi, Geberit International Sales
Head of Product Management & Technical Sales Support
Gulf Representative Office

Remo Hirschi is a Swiss national, who started his professional career in 1996 in the construction industry with an apprenticeship in Plumbing technology. After completing his Bachelor of Science in HVACS Engineering in 2012, he became a project manager at a Swiss consultancy firm before joining Geberit where he is now Head of Product Management & Technical Sales Support in the Gulf Office.

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