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RIBA + L.K.E Ozolins Lecture: Food for thought

Join us for the 2023 L.K.E. Ozolins lecture where our international panel will explore how cities can support and increase food production.

What if there was a network of food hubs integrated into the planning of large multi-use projects?

By 2050, the global population is projected to rise to 10 billion, with 75% of people living in cities. Food production will need to increase by 70% to meet future demand, so how can our cities help to increase food production?

RIBA invites you to a thought-provoking evening that will explore the topic of food production within urban environments. This event will look at the balance of supply and demand of food within the UK, against the backdrop of a global climate and biodiversity emergency, the cost of living crisis, and the issues surrounding energy and food insecurity both locally and internationally.

Using food as a lens to ask bigger questions, leading expert Carolyn Steel will introduce key themes within the topic. We are then pleased to introduce two architects working in the field and presenting built solutions to the big questions: ACME Director Friedrich Ludewig and Jago van Bergen, Director of the Dutch practice, van Bergen Kolpa Architects.

These presentations will be followed by a call to action from David West, Director of Studio Egret West whose architectural studio has investigated this topic in depth and through this event is eager to put some ideas into practice within the UK.

Carolyn will then chair a dynamic discussion challenging the main issues and exploring how such ideas can manifest in our cityscapes and communities.

We then invite you to join us for a drink and an opportunity to continue the conversation after the panel discussion at the House of Architecture, 66 Portland Place, London.

This event is programmed as part of the annual L.K.E. Ozolins Lecture series.

Please note: ticket price includes a complimentary drink during the networking event.