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Heritage & Sustainability in Education, Research, Policies and Practice

A Symposium organised by Liverpool School of Architecture in collaboration with RIBA North West Conservation, Heritage and Sustainability Group as part of Liverpool Architecture Festival 2022.

Heritage & Sustainability in Education, Research, Policies and Practice: Symposium

The event is organised by the Liverpool School of Architecture (LSA) in collaboration with the RIBA NW’s Conservation, Heritage & Sustainability Group and supported by ICOMOS-UK.

The LSA has been undertaking several teaching, research and empirical projects and initiatives to address the on-going challenge of sustaining heritage properties (cultural, natural, tangible and intangible) while safeguarding their underpinning values.

Led by Dr Ataa Alsalloum, a lecturer in architecture and urban heritage at the LSA, a founding member of the RIBA Conservation, Heritage & sutainability Group and Vice-Chair of the ICOMOS-UK Education, Training and Events Committee. Ataa is also the director of the MA in Sustainable Heritage Management.

The event is planned as a hybrid activity (in person and online), as part of the LAF and concurrent with the LSA industrial night. The aim is to celebrate and raise awareness about the significant teaching, learning, research and projects in relation to heritage conservation and sustainability strategies at the LSA.

The programme includes three main sessions:

  • Session 01 - Heritage and sustainability teaching initiatives. Presentations by LSA staff members and students;
  • Session 02 - An online live presentation by Dr Maro Iuliano about the designs of the LSA extension and adaptive reuse of its heritage structures.
  • Session 03 - Research and empirical projects activities around heritage and sustainability. Presentation by LSA staff members and PhD students about their wider involvement.