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RIBA Northamptonshire Society of Architects: making vernacular buildings

Join RIBA Northamptonshire Society of Architects for a student and practitioner learning and social evening, making vernacular buildings.

Following the success of the Sustainable Solutions series held in 2022, join RIBA Northamptonshire Society of Architects (NSA) and discover the rich architectural heritage of Northamptonshire and beyond with ‘Making Vernacular Buildings’ and explore the distinctive vernacular styles that have shaped the country's landscape and cultural identity.

This event will allow attendees to be immersed in the fascinating world of vernacular architecture, exploring the unique features and materials that have been used in traditional Northamptonshire buildings. Expert architects, conservationists, and lecturers will guide participants through the evolution of vernacular designs, highlighting their significance in the context of regional history and craftsmanship. The event will delve into the ingenious ways in which vernacular buildings seamlessly blend with their natural surroundings, maximising resources while responding to local climate conditions.

Through the seminar, attendees will gain valuable insights into sustainable and eco-friendly construction practices that can be adapted to modern architectural approaches and learn about the preservation and adaptive reuse of vernacular buildings in contemporary times using examples of successful restoration projects, celebrating the marriage of heritage with modern living.

Whether you are an architect, conservationist, engineer, or simply curious about the architectural legacy of Northamptonshire and beyond, ‘Making Vernacular Buildings’ promises to be an inspiring and enlightening experience, celebrating the timeless beauty and wisdom of traditional craftsmanship in this picturesque English county.