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​Quintin Lake

RIBA South East Great British Buildings Sibson Building

​Join the architect for a one off architectural talk and tour as they reveal the stories behind the building, what inspired them and what makes their building an RIBA Award winner

The new campus building is the largest on the site and houses the School of Mathematics and the School of Business.

This is a very thoughtful building, with a clear architectural concept which has been rigorous enough to withstand the project development and budgetary constraints. The concept of zigzagging wings helps to integrate the two schools whilst allowing them to have their own dedicated spaces. The central atrium is embedded in the middle of the zigzag and serves not only to bring the two schools together to use the shared facilities such as the café and lecture theatres, but also welcomes the wider campus.

Overall, this is an exemplary education building embodying creativity with an intelligent and responsible approach.

This event is part of our Great British Buildings series of talks and tours around the country.