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Dr Jagjit Singh
Talks and lectures

RIBA S/SE Conservation Group: Damp, mould, and timber decay

Join Dr Jagjit Singh for this online, illustrated talk, where the RIBA South/South East Conservation Group will discuss environmental conservation solutions for damp, mould, and timber decay.

Damp, mould, and fungal growth in buildings, can have detrimental effects on building materials, structures, collections, decorative surfaces, and contents which can pose a threat to the health of the occupants.

This talk will cover the relationships of internal building environments created by the interactions of building architecture, materials, structures, services, and collections with their external environments and the resulting fungal infestation and mould.

Fungal problems in both modern and historic archives buildings are mainly the result of defects in buildings, lack of maintenance, and gross neglect. Rectifying these defects and by ensuring proper maintenance can provide long-term sustainable, holistic solutions to these problems.

Dr Singh will explore how damage has been inflicted in the last century by dealing with the symptoms of the problems and not with the causes. He will then explain how, by properly understanding these causes, its repetition can be avoided in this century. By employing a range of non-destructive inspection techniques, much of the original fabric can be retained. The presentation will also look at how an environmental approach is beneficial to the building fabric, occupants, and to the wider environment.

Presenter: Dr Jagjit Singh, Director of Environmental Building Solutions Ltd.