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MODA Hove Central, MODA Living

RIBA Sussex: Moda Living building tour

An opportunity to tour the Moda Hove Central project to see first hand why ‘Moda neighbourhoods are designed with renters in mind'.

About the Tour

Join RIBA Sussex for an in depth look at the Moda Hove Central project and their innovative rental properties. The tour will be led by a member of staff from Moda, who will take us around the site outlining the design intent behind the spaces and how they approach design for the rental market.

The site includes 824 homes, including 564 rental apartments just minutes away from Hove’s seafront. The state-of-the-art amenities this neighbourhood has to offer including shared lounges, private dining, cinema room, flexible workspace, and new public courtyards.

If you have any questions or specific requirements to attend please get in touch with RIBA Sussex branch.

What does RIBA Sussex do?

RIBA Sussex aims to act as a local hub for architects; providing a platform for professional development, networking, and advocacy, while also contributing to the promotion of architectural excellence and community engagement.

The activities and functions of a RIBA branch can include:

  • networking and community building: Organising events, lectures, and social gatherings to facilitate networking among local architects and professionals in the built environment.
  • supporting students and emerging professionals: Traditionally, Branches collaborate with their local schools of architecture, facilitating connections between students, young architects, and established professionals.
  • knowledge sharing: Creating platforms for the exchange of ideas, experiences, and knowledge within the local architectural community.
  • promoting local architecture: Educating the public about the value of good design and architecture in the community.
  • advocacy and representation: Representing the interests of local architects and the architectural profession to local authorities, government bodies, and other relevant stakeholders.