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Joy Garden, Sheffield Children’s Hospital. Photo credit: Gareth Gardner
Talks and lectures

RIBA + VitrA Talk: Colour at play

Join us for a bright and playful evening exploring how colour has a powerful emotional impact on environments for people of all ages.

The impact of colour can be vast, both on a physiological and psychological level. It can transform spaces and influence how people inhabit these environments.

When designing environments specifically for children it is common to create bright, bold, multi-coloured spaces that encourage play, curiosity, and exploration. This is as valuable for adults as it is for children and vibrant places can influence and enhance buildings and public spaces, creating colourful areas that bring people together.

Join us for a lively and vibrant evening in which we explore the theory and practice of architects and designers who use colour in different ways to inspire, empower, and enlighten the lives of those that come into contact with the space. The evening brings together leading designers and architects working with colour to create dynamic environments that are unique and meaningful, connecting people through colour and playful exploration.

Join Kevin Haley from Aberrant Architecture, and Morag Myerscough and Jason Danziger of thinkbuild as they present their work and discuss the importance of colour in creating spaces that enhance mental and physical wellbeing.

This event is part of our Well Being: Well Built series of talks for the RIBA + VitrA Partnership.

This partnership reflects a shared commitment to add social, economic and cultural value to society, and VitrA Bathrooms are proud to be supporting such an inspiring programme.

With innovation at its core, a global reach and a tradition of collaborating with celebrated architects and designers, the VitrA bathroom brand has become a world leader, synonymous with contemporary sophistication since the mid-1900s.

To celebrate the change of season, our autumn 2022 RIBA + VitrA talks will be free. The offer applies to this year’s talks only so be sure to book now.

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