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RIBA West Midlands: Exploring the power of post occupancy data in sustainable building design

What is the importance of Post Occupancy Data? Join RIBA West Midlands in this crucial conversation and explore the answers.

What is the importance of Post Occupancy Data? Why do architects need to encourage early integration from the initial design stages? Who should be responsible for post-occupancy data collection and management? What are the solutions; sharing best practices and innovative approaches to improve data consistency and quality?

For the answers to these questions and more, join RIBA West Midlands in this crucial conversation to advance the field of sustainable building design through effective use of post-occupancy data.

Event overview

In the ongoing pursuit of enhanced building efficiency, the consistent monitoring of a building's performance has emerged as a critical learning tool. This not only aids in developing better buildings but also serves as a key metric in validating sustainable design achievements.

However, data captured during the post-occupancy phase (Stage 7) often falls short - being inconsistent, inaccurately measured, or sometimes entirely absent. There is a growing need to improve the quality and consistency of post-occupancy data, to determine who should own this responsibility, and to emphasise why architects should prioritise this earlier in the design process.

Panel discussion

RIBA West Midlands is hosting a panel session to delve into the significance of post-occupancy data; its power, and its role as an increasingly important metric in sustainable building design. This session aims to bring together key stakeholders in the field to share insights and explore actionable strategies.

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