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Janet Hall / RIBA Collections

RIBA Friends architecture walking tour: Victorian South Kensington

The eclectic tastes and variety of architectural styles favoured by the Victorians will be explored during this fascinating walk around South Kensington, and the area which came to be known as Albertopolis.

Join award-winning guide Paula Cooze on this tour of Victorian South Kensington, where you will see the multi-story car park of the day, gloriously over the top architecture, the humble (or not) townhouse, and the avant garde residences of the gentleman artists.

The tour starts with the architecture of South Kensington underground where the visible impact of the battle between developers can still be seen, winds its way through the Victorian garden square, uphill past centres of learning and religion. Heading back down to an enormous variety of architectural styles showing just how versatile the Victorian architects were. You will see how the mood for change and progress shaped this area’s architecture, and how the battle between architect and engineer played out.