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Building In Quality Pilot

Building In Quality Pilot

Thank you for your interest in the RIBA, RICS and CIOB Building in Quality initiative.  If you wish to participate in the pilot for the Quality Tracker, the documents are now available to download.

It is critically important for the reputation and continued success of the UK construction industry to achieve its quality targets consistently and reliably. Your help will make a difference.

The Quality Tracker

The BIQ Quality Tracker is intended to be used in conjunction with the RIBA Briefing Toolkit, or a suitable alternative briefing process. The brief will enable you to review and record the level of quality considered appropriate for a particular project. The Quality Tracker will then provide the means to deliver it.

The Tracker consists of eight main pages – one per RIBA Work Stage 0-7– and a summary sheet.

It allows project teams to assess and monitor known risks to quality over the entire course of a project, identifying generic quality risk categories in the left-hand column amplified by Work-Stage-specific risk-reduction indicators in the middle. The right-hand half of the page is used to record ratings and allows room for explanatory commentary.

The results can be understood by and shared with outsiders. The Guide to Using the Quality Tracker provides more information.

The Pilot – what we need from you

We want you to pilot the Quality Tracker on a real project and provide structured feedback so that we can improve the system.

Eligible projects

All construction projects that are currently in progress at any RIBA Stage 0-7 are eligible.

For this pilot, Stages that have passed already may be filled in retrospectively, but this must be done on the basis of the information that was available at that time and not with hindsight.

Nominated lead

Participating teams must nominate a Pilot Lead to take responsibility for adopting the Quality Tracker and providing feedback to the Building in Quality Working Group.

They should be a qualified professional – for example, a chartered member of the RIBA, RICS or the CIOB – with a good overall knowledge of the project.


The Pilot Lead must:

  • download the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Quality Tracker, Quality Checklist, and Guide
  • ensure that the head client gives permission for their project to be a Building in Quality case study
  • register to join the Quality Tracker Pilot (see below)
  • co-ordinate completion of the MOU
  • ensure that the Quality Tracker process laid out in the Guide is followed.
    (Note that for projects that are already under way or that have already completed, the Quality Tracker will need to be compiled retrospectively from project records and meeting minutes.)
  • complete the Building in Quality feedback questionnaire, which will be sent to the Project Lead in a follow up email.

Pilot Leads will be invited to complete a feedback questionnaire and opt to participate in a structured telephone interview during April 2019.


Feedback from all participating projects will be used to improve the Quality Tracker system for the benefit of the construction industry as a whole.

With appropriate permissions, participating projects may be promoted as Building in Quality case studies on the RIBA/RICS/CIOB websites.

If you have any queries throughout the process or would like to bring forward your feedback interview, please contact

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