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​RIBA Board and committees

RIBA Board

Following constitutional changes which came into effect in March 2020, a new RIBA Board has been created. It is responsible for the management of the RIBA’s business and Board members are the Trustees of the RIBA as a charity. It oversees the RIBA’s standing committees, with the exception of the Standards Committee, which reports to the Council.

RIBA Board is currently recruiting committee members.

RIBA Board members and Trustees

  • Joanna Bacon (Culture and Events)
  • Simone de Gale (Honorary Treasurer)
  • Graham Devine (Honorary Secretary)
  • Murray Orr (Business and Enterprise)
  • Jack Pringle (Chair)
  • MaryAnne Stevens (Heritage)
  • Marjorie Strachan (Organisational change)
  • Simon Allford (President)


There are four standing committees. All standing committees report to the RIBA Board, with the exception of the Standards Committee which reports to the Council. The Audit Committee and the Nominations Committee each report to both the Board and the Council.

Standing Committees

Audit [& Risk] Committee

Committee of the Board

  • Mark Jarvis (lay Chair)
  • Noeline Sanders (lay member)
  • Trustee member - vacant
  • Mark Benzie (Council member)

Nominations Committee

Committee of Council, reporting to Council and Board

  • Graham Devine (Council member)
  • Simon Allford (President)
  • Jason Lebidineuse (Chartered member)
  • Jack Pringle (Chair of Board)
  • MaryAnne Stevens (Board member)

Remunerations Committee

Committee of the Board

  • Joanna Bacon (RIBA Board member)
  • Harry Hayer (independent)
  • Jack Pringle (interim Chair)
  • Marjorie Strachan (RIBA Board member)
  • Catherine Ward (independent)

Standards Committee

Committee of Council

  • Simon Barnes (lay member)
  • Tim Clark
  • Tzena James
  • Susan Lindsey
  • Chithra Marsh
  • Barrie Neal (lay member)
  • Roger Shrimplin (Vice Chair)
  • Jonathan Rees (lay Chair)
  • Ian Standen
  • Elizabeth Thornhill (lay member)

Committees under review

Following constitutional changes in March 2020, the current committee structure is being reviewed and is expected to change.

Education Committee

  • Maryam Al-Irhyaim
  • Rob Hyde
  • David Howarth
  • Paul Jones
  • Lewis North
  • Kevin Singh
  • Bernadette Donohoe
  • Christina Godiksen
  • Yemi Aladerun
  • Bob Brown (corresponding)

International Committee

  • Joanna Bacon, VP International (Chair)
  • Alice Asafu-Adjaye, International Council member – Middle East and Africa Region
  • Ulrike Bega
  • Adam Blacker
  • Catherine Davis, International Council member – Americas Region
  • Sean Hatcher
  • Diba Salam
  • Elsie Owusu
  • Ken Wai, International Council member – Asia and Australasia Region
  • Tim Clark, International Council members – Europe Region

Membership Committee

  • Victoria Adegoke
  • Gerard Bareham
  • Alia Beyg
  • Paul Crowe
  • Ewen Miller
  • Ian Standen
  • Selasi Setufe (corresponding)
  • Helen Taylor (corresponding)

Nations and Regions Committee

  • Dan Brown (Yorkshire)
  • Tom Bell (Wessex)
  • Nick Deeming (North East)
  • Tom Foggin (East and VP Membership)
  • Jonathan Fox (South East)
  • Barbara Griffin (East Midlands)
  • Jane Hamlyn (South West)
  • Lisa McFarlane (North West)
  • David Patterson (London)
  • Mark Shipton (South)
  • Ryan Stuckey (President RSAW)
  • Philip Twiss (West Midlands)

Practice and Profession Committee

The Practice and Profession Committee provides leadership and support for members and practices on professional issues. It comprises, mostly, of chairs of RIBA Expert Advisory Groups.

Members of the RIBA Expert Advisory Groups use their expertise to inform RIBA responses to consultations, proactive campaigns as well as products and guidance to support the profession.

  • Wendy Charlton VP Practice and Profession, (Chair)
  • Dieter Bentley-Gockmann, Chair of Regulations and Standards Group
  • Mark Benzie, Professional Conduct Liaison
  • Gary Clark, Chair of Sustainable Futures Group
  • Lanre Gbolade, Council
  • John Hickey, Chair of CPD Group
  • Constance Ridout, Interim Chair, Large Practice Group
  • Barbara Kaucky, Chair of Small Practice Group
  • Femi Oresanya, Chair, Architects for Change
  • Nigel Ostime, Chair of Client Liaison Group
  • Fiona Raley, Chair of Conservation Group
  • Dhruv Sookhoo – Interim Chair, Housing Group
  • Philip Waddy, Chair of Planning Group, Council

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