​RIBA Board and committees

RIBA Board

The RIBA Board oversees the operations of the RIBA and its commercial arm, RIBA Enterprises, as well as the RIBA's main committees with the exception of the Audit Committee, Nominations Committee and Membership Admissions Committee which report to Council.

RIBA Board members

  • Ben Derbyshire (Chair)
  • John Assael
  • Tim Bailey
  • Caroline Buckingham
  • Jane Duncan
  • Alan Jones
  • Ruth Mcintosh
  • Virginia Newman
  • Valeria Passetti
  • Nick Pearce
  • Kerr Robertson
  • Elena Tsolakis
  • Pierre Wassenaar
  • Chris Williamson
  • Paula Willmore


Seven main committees and a number of sub-committees develop and advise on policies and activities of the institute. All main committees report to the RIBA Board. They are chaired by the relevant vice-president.

The committees advise on the formulation of policy and strategy relevant for their areas, recommending priorities for the business plan and budget (both income and expenditure).

They also review the implementation of Council policies and the progress of work against agreed objectives. They appoint task groups and specialist advisers for relevant projects and subjects.

British Architectural Trust Board

  • Ben Derbyshire - President, ex-officio
  • Jonathan Ball
  • Kerr Robertson
  • Elena Tsolakis
  • Shankari Edgar
  • Jonathan Falkingham
  • Timothy Hornsby
  • Richard Klein
  • Suzi Winstanley
  • Gillian Wolfe

Communications Committee

  • Ben Derbyshire - President, ex-officio (Chair)
  • Alex Butler (external)
  • Jane Duncan (Immediate Past President)
  • Dermot Finch (external)
  • Richard Parnaby
  • Nicky Watson

Education Committee

  • Alan Jones VP Education (Chair)
  • David Howarth
  • Paul Jones
  • Bob Brown
  • Kevin Singh
  • Selasi Setufe
  • Simeon Shtebunaev
  • Bernadette Donohoe
  • Christina Godiksen
  • Yemi Aladerun
  • Indy Johar
  • Patrick Lynch

Membership Committee

  • Valeria Passetti, VP Membership/Nations & Regions (Chair ex-officio)
  • Gerard Bareham
  • Alia Beyg
  • Paul Crowe
  • Mark Jermy
  • Ewen Miller
  • Virginia Newman
  • Helen Taylor
  • Selasi Setufe
  • Simeon Shtebunaev
Corresponding members:
  • Alice Asafu-Adjaye
  • Catherine Davis
  • Roger Tsan-Sum Wu

Nations and Regions Committee

  • Valeria Passetti (VP Membership/Nations and Regions)
  • Laith Anayi (RIBA South East)
  • Tim Bailey (RIBA North East)
  • Aaron Chetwynd (RIBA West Midlands)
  • Sam Culling (RIBA East Midlands)
  • Tom Foggin (RIBA East)
  • Mark Hodson (RIBA Yorkshire)
  • Carolyn Merrifield (RSAW President)
  • Ewen Miller (RIBA North West)
  • Rebecca Ridge (RIBA Wessex)
  • Mark Shipton (RIBA South)
  • Carl Turner (RIBA London)
  • Oswald Chung (RIBA South West)

Practice and Profession Committee

The Practice and Profession Committee provides leadership and support for members and practices on professional issues by overseeing the completion of the RIBA’s strategic objectives in relation to the practice of architecture. It comprises, mostly, of chairs of RIBA Expert Advisory Groups.

Members of the RIBA Expert Advisory Groups use their expertise to inform RIBA responses to consultations, proactive campaigns as well as products and guidance to support the profession.

  • Caroline Buckingham (VP Practice and Profession)
  • John Cole - Procurement Champion
  • John Hickey - Chair, CPD Committee
  • Peter Jackson - Chair, Large Practice Group
  • Barbara Kaucky - Chair, Small Practice Group
  • David Miller - BIM Champion
  • Richard Murphy - Council Member
  • Nigel Ostime - Chair, Client Liaison Group
  • Elsie Owusu - Chair, Architects for Change
  • Julia Park - Chair, Housing Group
  • Fiona Raley - Chair, Conservation Group
  • Flora Samuel - Council Member
  • Simon Sturgis - Chair, Sustainable Futures
  • Peter Caplehorn - Chair, Regulations and Standards (reporting capacity only)
  • Lanre Gbolade - Council Member
  • Philip Waddy - Chair, Planning Group

RIBA Enterprise Board

  • Paul Foster (Chair)
  • Tim Bailey
  • Clem Brohier
  • Mark Kemp
  • Irena Peel
  • Peter Oborn
  • Mark Richardson
  • Richard Waterhouse
  • Helen Whitfield
  • Paula Willmore
  • Philip Youell

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