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Simple House

by Haysom Ward Miller Architects

Client Private client

Awards RIBA East Award 2021

© Richard Fraser

Simple House is an extraordinary piece of inventive design.

The two-bedroom house is completely hidden behind a garden wall. The owner didn’t want to impose on the already settled neighbourhood and decided to opt for a discreet design and construction.

Set in a very small plot, originally a simple garden plot, the house embraces nature in all directions. The clients’ aim was to reinstate what they took away from nature. And they have achieved just that.

It’s an open and generous space connected to both garden areas with large windows raising up to the top of the main living area, creating a beautiful atmosphere.

It is inventive, creative and unusual, yet absolutely in equilibrium with the surrounding houses, flooded with natural light coming from all directions including some exceptional round roof lights and high-level windows. The connection with the sky through these generous openings constantly changes the light and internal ambience and mood, generating an interesting atmosphere across all seasons.

Natural and simple materials – unpainted exposed joists, aggregate concrete floor and birch-ply details - give the space a natural look and organic feel. Some details have been purposely left unfinished to create a sense of unsophisticated flawlessness in total balance with the natural and organic feel of this small home.

The client wanted something different from a two-up, two-down typical arrangement and, considering the small budget available, the level of design and detail are quite remarkable and results exceptional.

Within a relatively small house built on a tight budget, on a constrained and overlooked site, the architect has created a calm, open and beautiful space in harmony with both nature and its surroundings.

Contractor Croucher Combined Services

Structural Engineer Cambridge Architectural Research

Internal area 85 m²

© Richard Fraser
© Richard Fraser
© Richard Fraser
© Richard Fraser
© Haysom Ward Miller Architects
© Haysom Ward Miller Architects
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