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RIBA client adviser professional services contract

The RIBA client adviser professional services contract is devised as an agreement between a client adviser and a business client or public authority.

Appointed directly by the client, and separate to the design team, client advisers are highly trained, experienced architects, and offer independent and strategic advice and guidance. This includes developing the brief; examining feasibility and capacity; setting sustainability and safety strategies, and selecting the right teams – all with the ultimate aim of ensuring best value and quality. 

Buy a client adviser professional services contract

It is legally advisable that both parties to the contract each have an original signed version.

You will need to buy two paper copies.

RIBA Chartered Members and RIBA Chartered Practices receive a £10 discount on all digital RIBA Contracts purchased.

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RIBA Client Adviser Register

View the RIBA Client Adviser Register for a list of RIBA accredited client advisers who will guide you through the process of commissioning a building project, helping you to maximise the value and quality of your project.

Key features

The RIBA client adviser professional services contract has been created to align with the revised RIBA Plan of Work.

Other features include:

  • Succinct and easy to understand language, compared to other standard forms of contracts
  • Compliant with the Consumer Rights Act 2015
  • Fair and equitable terms of the contract for both client and client adviser
  • The clause structure used in the contract avoids the use of large numbers of sub-sub clauses and large amounts of cross-referencing between provisions

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