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Core curriculum topic: Design, construction and technology

To help you gain the skills you need to practise architecture now and in the future as a RIBA Chartered Member, we have defined 10 mandatory core curriculum topics to address through CPD.

The topic Design, construction and technology covers understanding, and keeping up to date with, the technical, design, engineering, services and technological issues, trends and changes. It also covers having the knowledge and skills to deliver a successful building process using the latest technology in a rapidly changing industry and profession.

Design, construction and technology

This topic potentially covers any of the following competencies:

Fire safety strategy and legislation
Safe design and specification

  • See details of the health, safety, and wellbeing topic
  • Building Safety Act and Product Safety Act

RIBA Plan of Work

  • Knowledge of the RIBA Plan of Work stages
  • Knowledge of the different checkpoints in each stage
  • Familiarity with the suggested key support tasks
  • Learning to adapt stages 0 and 7 to use on briefing and evaluation
  • Ability to adapt the plan, and manipulate the task bars
  • Knowledge of specific touchpoints and aspects

Techniques for developing a design brief

  • Knowledge of evidence-based design and briefing
  • Understanding of client leadership and collaboration
  • Listening to the client
  • Advising clients in terms of appropriate and effective means of procurement and forms of contract
  • Establish change management procedures.
  • Minimising change and cost disruption

Structures and services: understanding of

  • Using relevant specialist consultants
  • Integration and coordination of teams into the design and project
  • Systems for environmental comfort within the relevant precepts of sustainable design
  • Strategies for building services and integration within a project
  • Optimum physical, thermal and acoustic environments

Specification and materials: understanding of

  • Technical innovations in materials
  • Working with suppliers and manufacturers
  • Specification writing and selecting materials and products
  • Production information
  • Classification systems: Uniclass and CiSFB
  • Ethical supply chains and products
  • Production information
  • Design proposals and detailing complete and fully co-ordinated
  • Alternative structural, construction and material systems
  • Asking the right questions: certification, fire testing, combustibility, suitability for height, how products work together, lead times, availability, recycling

Digital design and construction

  • 3D modelling
  • 3D and 4D printing
  • Advanced robotics
  • Parametric design
  • The internet of things (in design and in buildings and cities)
  • Smart cities, planning and architecture
  • Smart buildings
  • Artificial reality, enhanced reality and virtual reality for presentation
  • CAD, modelling and mapping
  • Familiarity with presentation platforms and technologies

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

  • Understanding your BIM maturity amongst the four levels
  • Speaking “BIM” by understanding the terms and acronyms
  • Understanding BIM as a management and collaboration tool
  • Understanding the benefits of BIM, to your business and clients
  • Developing your BIM strategy and implementation
  • Using common data environments and applying the Standards:
  • Understanding Design Responsibility and the Digital Plan of Work
  • Understanding BIM security issues – PAS 1192-5: 2015
  • Understanding intellectual property/liability in the BIM context
  • Applying Soft Landings and briefing for FM (BS 8536-1: 2015)

Offsite construction and modern methods of construction:

  • The use of pre-manufactured elements
  • Design for manufacture and assembly (DfMA)
  • The benefits of modern methods of construction and pre-manufactured elements
  • The levels of building off site
  • Construction logistics
  • Onsite processes
  • Design for maintenance and for whole life

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You must take two hours of CPD on this topic every year.

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