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Your CPD obligations as a RIBA Member

All Chartered Members everywhere are required to undertake and record CPD each year as evidence that you are taking organised steps to maintain your competence through continuous learning.

What do we expect from you?

Our CPD quick guide answers some common questions and issues including international members, career breaks, retired members, academics, and examples of structured and informal learning.

What is new from 2024?

You no longer need to attain learning points. In place of the points, you will reflect on each activity you enter onto your CPD record. Please note that this means that the way you record CPD and save your activities on our online CPD tool will change accordingly.

Members on maternity, paternity, carer, adoption, or long-term sick leave may apply for a deferral which means you are not expected to undertake CPD during that time, unless you wish to keep doing it. Contact for details

We still don't ask for, expect to see, or oblige you to acquire attendance or CPD certificates.

What counts as CPD?

We offer face-to-face and digital CPD, either delivered by RIBA on RIBA Academy or accredited by RIBA through the CPD Providers Network. However, CPD doesn't have to come from, be accredited by, or approved by the RIBA to count.

Any relevant learning from any source can count towards your requirements. If you think that a learning activity is relevant to you for whatever role you are doing, then it counts as CPD. The choice is entirely yours and we are unable to advise whether something counts.

Your CPD choices are entirely flexible and personal. While we expect you to meet our requirements, the CPD you choose should be tailored to your own needs or that of your practice or business, can be structured or informal, should reflect the statutory and regulatory situation wherever in the world you practice, and can come from any source (such as other professional bodies around the world.)

Download our CPD auditing and disciplinary policy. (pdf)

If you have any questions on how to fulfil your CPD requirements, please contact us at





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