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Architecture Ambassadors

Student on the National Schools Programme

RIBA Architecture Ambassadors

Partnering architecture professionals with teachers to design and deliver creative architectural workshops in schools

"I could design something that could go on to help a lot of people": student at Hammersmith Academy

In the Architecture Ambassadors programme, the RIBA Learning team partners architecture professionals with teachers to design and deliver creative, and cross-curricular architecture-focused workshops in schools.

Partnerships are free for all schools thanks to the dedication of the architecture professionals we work with, who volunteer their time and creativity as Architecture Ambassadors in order to engage children and young people in architecture and the built environment.

The Architecture Ambassadors programme travels to different geographical areas each term, and forms part of our National Schools Programme offer.

How it works

Supported by the RIBA Learning team, partnerships begin with planning between the teacher and the Architecture Ambassador to design a creative project for a group of students. During planning, your collective experience from both the classroom and the creative industry informs and enriches the project.

Projects vary from half-day workshops to weekly sessions, depending on your availability. Workshops normally take place in school, but you are welcome to plan a visit to a local building or practice. Project ideas might include:

  • exploring the school site and designing exciting new spaces
  • practical activities such as model making, masterplanning and technical drawing
  • investigating a range of curriculum subjects including science, literacy and numeracy

Our programme aims to enable incredible, inclusive learning experiences using minimal resources, and the RIBA Learning team provide training, support and advice throughout the project from planning to delivery.

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