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Architecture Ambassadors partnerships

The Architecture Ambassadors programme is part of the RIBA's National Schools Programme that brings together architecture professionals and schools, helping children and young people to explore and understand the built environment.

Redesigning everyday places with Ealing schools, Pitzhanger Manor and the West London Architects group.

In Autumn 2021, RIBA’s Learning department teamed up with architects from the West London Architects group, Pitzhanger Manor, Mayfield Primary School, Brentside High School and West London College to deliver an exciting project redesigning everyday places and creating exciting new spaces inspired by the work of the West London Architects and the extraordinary home of famous 18th to 19th century architect Sir John Soane, Pitzhanger Manor.

Student exploring Sir John Soane's incredible architecture at Pitzhanger Manor and Galleries during workshops with RIBA and the West London Architects © Maria Alejandra Huicho Rivera

The following partnerships took place in Ealing, London:

Mayfield Primary and architects Paul , Alex and Nikolai

Mayfield Primary School began their project with a visit from architects Paul Tierney (tierney architects), Alex Bilton (ABHRA) and Nikolai Metherell (Reddy Architecture) who introduced pupils to what architecture is and what architects do. Pupils then visited Pitzhanger Manor to learn about how architect Sir John Soane designed his beautiful house. During their visit pupils made drawings of architectural details they would like to apply to their own spaces. In the following weeks pupils used what they had learnt from visiting Pitzhanger Manor to redesign and improve areas of their school to enhance children’s sense of wellbeing in different spaces. Pupils expressed their ideas through creating some incredible drawings and models using collected recycled materials.

Student at Mayfield Primary School proudly shows the model they made during workshops with architects Paul, Alex and Nikolai

Brentside High School and architects Harry and Anastasia

Brentside High began their project with architects Harry Thomson (Studioshaw) and Anastasia Orphanidou (5th Studio) visiting the school to showcase some of their work and to explain the design brief the students would be working on throughout their project. Students also played an architectural version of ‘Exquisite Corpse’ as a fun introduction to drawing space. Following their first workshop students visited Pitzhanger Manor for a tour, to photograph and draw its incredible spaces and to take part in a sketch modelling workshop to begin thinking about how to create three-dimensional designs.

During the next few workshops students considered Pitzhanger’s beautiful architectural features to redesign areas of their school and to create exciting pavilion designs for Pitzhanger Manor. They showcased their designs by making some brilliant drawings and three-dimensional models which they presented in a class crit session.

'I really enjoyed working with professional architects on the RIBA Architecture Ambassadors programme. The tasks set were fun and challenging, from the brainstorming of ideas to making quick sketches and to translating these sketches into paper and foam board models. The careers talk at the very start of the programme was also very useful and helped me to understand the journey that an architecture student must go through to design the intricate buildings that we see all around us today.’ - Milan, Fine Art student at Brentside High School.

Brentside High School student's model of a pavilion they designed inspired and informed by Pitzhanger Manor and architects Harry and Anastasia

West London College and architects Mark and Joseph

West London College began their projects by joining architects Mark Stevens (HASA Architects) and Joseph Faycal (iOsef Architects) to make casts of Pitzhanger Manor using foamboard and Plaster of Paris. Students then visited Pitzhanger Manor to see the site for their design brief and to gain inspiration for their projects. For their project students were tasked with designing small scale structures that could act as meeting places, artist studios, working spaces, contemplation spaces, shelters and kiosks that could be situated in Walpole Park that surrounds Pitzhanger Manor. The structures were inspired by and designed to complement Pitzhanger Manor. The students came up with some fantastic design concepts which they expressed through creating some amazing models and giving class presentations.

West London College student's model inspired and informed by Pitzhanger Manor and Galleries and architects Mark and Joseph

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Student focusing intently on their designs during workshops with RIBA and the West London Architects © Maria Alejandra Huicho Rivera
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