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RIBA Wren Insurance Association scholars

The RIBA Wren Insurance Association Scholarships have been awarded annually since 2013 to students in the final year of their Part 2 course. The recipients are outstanding Part 2 students who have the potential to make a significant contribution to architecture.

Recipients may use the scholarship in a variety of ways, from elaborating on an existing research interest and looking at how they might develop new ideas, to enabling time to scope different mechanisms and philosophies.

RIBA Wren Insurance Association Scholarships 2023 winners

2023 winners

Alfie Hollington, University of Strathclyde

“I would like to express my appreciation to RIBA and the Wren Insurance Association for choosing me as one of the five scholarship recipients for this year.

“The support and financial assistance will play a crucial role as I complete my Part 2, providing me with the opportunity to explore avenues of design which would have previously been impractical, and allowing me to make the most out of my final year at university.

“The scholarship will enable me to continue experimenting with emerging technologies that are already disrupting the industry, researching the implications of their use, and contributing to the advancement of innovative practices as I prepare to enter the profession.”

Henry Aldridge, University College

“I am honoured to be selected as a RIBA Wren scholar; an opportunity that will surely advance both my academic and professional careers in architecture.

“The scholarship will allow for much more ambitious physical and digital experimentation in the development of my final project and thesis. I hope to undertake comprehensive field studies in my research into equitable and exciting proposals surrounding sea level change, climate policy, and resilient architecture.

“After graduation, the funding and mentoring offered will be invaluable in furthering my ambitions, both in architectural practice and education.”

Jeanette Aves, University of Cambridge

“I'm so thankful to RIBA and Wren Insurance Association in supporting my work with existing fantastic community groups, and to let them know of the funding.

“Over the next year, this will support interactive community consultations with councils and co-developed proposals, putting these into action on site and publishing the lessons learned. My fieldwork worked with and learned from practices and projects that take inspiring approaches to building community networks, as well as buildings.

“I'm excited to explore these inter-industry approaches with the scholarship’s mentor, and will promote more support and mentoring systems like this in practice and education.”

Maciej Aleksander Adaszewski, the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

“I am deeply grateful for the RIBA Wren Scholarship, which has eased a significant financial burden in my final academic year.

“This support and mentorship will enable me to fully focus on my studies and pursue physical modelling and materials exploration at various scales, previously hindered by budget constraints. Moreover, it will fuel my ongoing research into architecture's role in preserving endangered landscapes within remote communities, impacted by land exploitation.

“Those living at the forefront of areas affected by the climate crisis are often the least heard of. I plan to amplify their narratives by using the emerging technologies that this scholarship will now allow me to explore.”

Rowdah Charbak, Manchester School of Architecture

“I am profoundly grateful to have been chosen by RIBA and the Wren Insurance Association as a recipient of one of this year's five scholarships.

“This represents a tremendous opportunity for me as I embark on the final year of my MArch degree. It not only alleviates the financial hardships often associated with pursuing an advanced degree, but also empowers me to fully explore, experiment, upskill, and push myself creatively.

“Moreover, the prospect of mentorship from the Wren Insurance Association is a privilege that will undoubtedly enrich my creative growth and professional development.”

Previous scholars:


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Minh Le Pham Duc – Architectural Association School of Architecture

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Rasha Shrourou – Birmingham City University


Richard Aina - Architectural Association

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Hunter Doyle - Architectural Association

Amber Godfrey - Royal College of Art

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Shawn Adams - Royal College of Art

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Dor Schindler - Architectural Association

Declan Wagstaff - Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

Rosa Whiteley - Royal College of Art


Thomas Badger - London School of Architecture

Larry Botchway - Royal College of Art

Love DiMarco - Architectural Association

Naomi Rubbra - Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

Dominic Walker - Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL


Roberto Boettger - Architectural Association

Samuel Coulton - Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

Laurence Flint - Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

Anna Malicka - University of Westminster

Jack Sardeson - University of Cambridge


Jordan Green - Cardiff University

Aidan Hermans - Royal College of Art

Matthew Lucraft - Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

Nathan Su - Architectural Association School of Architecture

Daniel Tang - London South Bank University


Ruxandra Maria Gruioniu - Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

Lilly Ingleby - University of Sheffield

Johnny Lui - Royal College of Art

Alexander Mills - De Montfort University

Charles Proctor - Royal College of Art


Thomas Glover - Royal College of Art

Keith Diplock - University of Kent

Lucy Moroney - Architectural Association

Rebecca Muirhead - Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

Victoria Slater - University of Liverpool


Laura Cannon - University of Dundee

Peter Garstecki - University of Westminster

Erl Johnston - Queen's University Belfast

Megan Passey - Oxford Brookes University

James Pockson - Royal College of Art

Information on the 2024/25 application cycle and format will be published here in due course, but not before spring 2024.

If you have any questions about these scholarships, please contact Sophie Arp.

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