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RIBA Associate Membership

RIBA Associate Membership

Become a RIBA Associate Member

RIBA Associate membership

Be confident that you're gaining the knowledge and skills you'll need as you work towards qualification as an architect by becoming a RIBA Associate Member.

We provide you with the everday practical resources you need, represent your views and focus on the issues that matter most to you. Together we are creating a better future for architects and architecture.

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RIBA Associate Membership

As a RIBA Associate Member,  you can enjoy RIBA benefits from as little as £4.33 a month. 

RIBA Associate membership

Access to specialist knowledge, resources, expertise and advice

Be confident that you're gaining the knowledge and skills you'll need as you work towards qualification as an architect.

  • Receive up to a 50% discount off the cost of the RIBA CPD Programme on a wide range of topics including law, marketing, finance, legislation, GDPR and regulations
  • Receive up to a 50% discount off the cost of our professional events and discover new ways to take opportunities and overcome challenges
  • Exclusive access to our Members Information Service team, who listen carefully to what you need before connecting them to a solution that works
  • Exclusive access to our Specialist Practice Consultants, who provide you with legal, technical and professional support.
RIBA Associate membership

Learn from inspiring projects and get in-depth analysis of the big issues.

Join over 150,000 people attending our events, exhibitions and talks each year.

  • Receive free or up to 50% discounted entry at all our architectural talks and events
  • Receive the RIBA Journal in print and digital, covering the big issues, in-depth and with plenty of analysis
  • Receive weekly original published content packed with practical advice for members about how to thrive in a changing regulatory and business environment
RIBA Associate membership

Gain insight

Use our unrivalled network of contacts within architecture and related professions to discuss the big issues affecting your profession and learn from the experiences of others.

  • Access the latest regulations and legislation with information, publications and podcasts about the Construction Design and Management Regulations and how to take on the new Principal Designer role
  • Receive researched insights through our RIBA for Clients Initiative into the changing needs of major categories of clients
  • Meet architects with experience as a RIBA Associate Member through our Speed Mentoring programme
RIBA Associate membership

Grow your network

We can introduce you to a local and global network to connect, share ideas and perspectives and collaborate with a community of architects and other built environment professionals.

  • Join one of over 70 local, member-run branches and connect with other RIBA members via meet-ups, building tours, talks and social events
  • for advice about a local issue or to get involved, you can approach one of our 11 local RIBA offices throughout the UK
  • participate in UK branch volunteer initiatives such as architecture festivals, work with local schools and public exhibitions
  • enhance your skills and share your views via knowledge-sharing events and online social media communities
  • if you're based outside the UK, get involved with a local region or chapter

Eligibility Criteria

To become an RIBA Associate Member, you must have:

  • completed RIBA Parts 1 and 2 or equivalent*
  • completed a qualification in architecture as covered by the EU Professional Qualifications Directive (2005/36/EC)

If you've completed Part 3, or are an EU graduate who has 2 or more years of practical experience, you can join now as a Chartered Member.

If you haven’t completed Part 2 yet, you can apply for free Student Membership.

Fees are calculated based on your qualifying criteria, and date of application. Read our list of subscription fees FAQs for more information. 

*includes ARB exemptions and some CAA recognised courses completed before 2012. Please contact us for more details.

Top image: Akin Lisk-Carew, RIBA Associate Member, David Miller Architects

How it works

email Complete the form below and send it back to us with payment by email or post
star Make a single pro-rata payment or choose monthly instalments by Direct Debit at no extra cost
group Your name will be put forward for election at the next Membership Admissions Committee, usually the 15th of each month
card_giftcard Your election will be confirmed within 5 business days of the committee. You'll be able to use all benefits, and receive a Welcome Pack and membership card in the post
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get in touch

Contact the RIBA Membership team directly:

Already a member? Contact the RIBA Information Centre's dedicated line with your membership number ready +44 (0)20 7307 3600