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RIBA Gulf Chapter to host exhibition and talks at Dubai Design Week, 7 to 12 November 2023

The RIBA Gulf Chapter is holding a programme of events during Dubai Design Week from 7 to 12 November 2023. RIBA Members are invited to all the events which include exhibition openings, panel talks, and workshops.

31 October 2023

The RIBA Gulf Chapter has arranged a series of activities taking place during Dubai Design Week (7 to 12 November, 2023) where RIBA Members and the general public are welcome to attend and participate.

Architecture exhibition: Sustainability - past, present and future

This exhibition features work and models from architects such as Zaha Hadid Architects, Foster and Partners, UK-based practices, locally grown firms, and students from RIBA-affiliated universities. The projects on display are all in the Gulf region and have sustainability features as key elements of their design.

The exhibition construction itself has sustainability at its heart. It is assembled by Jones Renovations from reclaimed wood provided by Beeah, and locally made palm strand boards from Desert Board, which will all be donated to projects within the local community at the close of the event.

Location: Building 6 atrium, d3 (Dubai Design District). Free and open to the public.

When: 10am to 10pm, from 8 Nov to 12 December, 2023

Exhibition opening event: 6pm to 7pm, 8 November, 2023 in Building 6 atrium, d3 (Dubai Design District)

All RIBA Members are welcome to attend the opening event, with speeches from the curation team and exhibitors.

RIBA Gulf Chapter d3 Exhibition

Panel talks

The RIBA Gulf Chapter have curated three panel talks taking place in the Downtown Design FORUM space. These are free to attend, based on a first come first served basis in the venue.

Please note: attendees will need to register for Downtown Design in advance.

Sustainability - past: Nomadic and historic building processes (9 November, 4pm to 5pm)


  • Mark Kyffin (Abu Dhabi DCT)
  • Peter Jackson FRIBA (Sharjah Ruler's Office)
  • Jonathan Ashmore (ANARCHITECT)
  • Mohammed Adib (Intercon/ Dewan Architects)
  • Moderator: Sandra Woodall FRIBA (Tangram) – RIBA Gulf Chapter UAE representative

Sustainability - present: Current response for future generations (10 November, 4pm to 5pm)


  • Farah Naz (AECOM)
  • Ahmed Bukhash (ARCHIDENTITY)
  • Alia Beyg (Aqua Architecture)
  • Jeff Risom (Gehl)
  • Moderator: Maya Cochrane – RIBA Gulf Chapter treasurer

Sustainability - future: Artificial Intelligence and the future of design (11 November, 4pm to 5pm)


  • Brendan McGetrick (Museum of the Future)
  • Edward McIntosh (Atkins)
  • Dr Constantin-Victor Spiridonidis (Canadian University Dubai)
  • Alina Valcarce (Valcarce Architects)
  • Ila Colombo (Ross Lovegrove Studio)
  • Moderator: Andy Shaw (AMA) – RIBA Gulf Chapter chair

Please refer to the schedule page for more information.


There are three workshops arranged, with the themes of Sustainability: past, present, and future. Please note that Workshops 1 and 3 are aimed at students, and Workshop 2 is for professionals already using AI.

1. Adaptive industrial urbanism - RIBA Gulf Chapter and American University of Sharjah (10 November, 3pm to 5pm)

Location: Colab, d3, Building 1B

Facilitators: Janson Carlow and Juan Roldan

2. Visions of a sustainable future – Using AI tools and teamwork (10 November, 6pm to 8pm)

Location: One Life D3 (upstairs), Building 5

Facilitator: Andy Shaw (AMA) – RIBA Gulf Chapter chair

3. Pod in outer space - RIBA Gulf Chapter and Heriot Watt Dubai (11 November, 1pm to 3pm)

Location: Colab, d3, Building 1B (facing car park)

Facilitators: Dr Harpreet Seth, Atousa Aslaminezhad, and Rana El Dabaa

Panel talks at d3 Design Dubai district

These events have been arranged with thanks to:

  • Exhibition design and curation committee - Andy Shaw, Sandra Woodall, Maya Cochrane, Juan Roldan, Ryan Sailsman, Yasmeen Atoum, and Alawiya Muhammed
  • Jones Renovations - exhibition fabrication
  • Beeah - provision of reclaimed timber
  • Desert Board - Palm Strand Boards display panels
  • American University of Sharjah - printing and workshop
  • Heriot Watt University Dubai - workshop
  • RIBA International - Local Initiative Funding
  • Dubai Design District - hosting and our partnership

Zaha Hadid Architects Beeah HQ - Sharjah

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