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Correction: RIBA Business Benchmarking 2023

We’ve issued a correction to the salary data published in our 2023 RIBA Business Benchmarking report.

15 May 2024

 On 6 December 2023 we published our annual Business Benchmarking report, which tracks business trends in the 12 months to 1 May 2023 across UK architecture practices, relating to pay, areas of work, revenue, expenditure, profitability and global areas of growth. 

On page 50 of the report, 4.1 Salaries in RIBA Chartered Practices, we reported the 2023 median salary for Architects (5+ years ARB registered) as £39,000. This figure was incorrect. The correct 2023 median salary for Architects (5+ years ARB registered) was £42,802. This is, in fact, an increase compared to the 2022 median of £41,489. 

This correction also applies to regional median figures for Architects (5+ years ARB registered). The data has been corrected on page 51, 4.2 Salaries by region and size, Chart 4-4 Average earnings (salaries and dividends) paid to Architects (5+ years’ years ARB registered), by region.  

Every year, we work very closely with The Fees Bureau, a division of Mirza & Nacey Research Ltd, to analyse the data submitted to our Business Benchmarking survey.  

While every effort is made to rigorously check the accuracy of data, in this case, an error occurred. 

We understand the importance of this median salary data for RIBA Chartered Practices, and we are very sorry. For 2024, we will put in place a further layer of data checks. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

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