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RIBA Studio Graduate profile: Amy Walker

RIBA Studio graduate Amy Walker talks us through her experience on the RIBA Part 2 while working in practice and starting a family

28 June 2022

I choose to study via the RIBA Studio route after trying to go back to full time education to complete my Part 2 – and really struggling to get back into the academic environment. In essence, I preferred the real working world of architecture. I was persuaded to apply to the course by a colleague of mine, Martin Pearce, who gave me the confidence that I could complete my Part 2 through this challenging route! The course enabled me to work and study in a complimentary manner. My tutor’s support was also invaluable to my success on the course - and I also recommend making connections and keeping in contact with fellow students on the course!

The course has given more confidence in my abilities which has helped in my career hugely. I am most proud of finishing the course and of completing a final project which was just so me – lots of fun and imaginative, with a little touch of humour. If I had been on any other course at any other University – I am not convinced I would have been as confident to do that!

Image courtesy: Amy Walker

For me, motivation came from proving to myself that I could do it! Also having a mini team of people behind me willing me to succeed. I wanted to finish the course (which I started in 2012) to be able to really start the next chapter of my life – professionally and personally. So having an engagement ring on my finger and our first baby at the graduation ceremony was testament to my motivation and success! I really felt proud of being a woman with a baby receiving my Diploma.

Image courtesy: Amy Walker

I finished the course feeling like I had achieved so much more – because I had gone through so many personal, professional and creative changes in the time I was doing the course. I am more prepared to stand up for myself, take ownership and feel confident that I am a decent designer and provide a great value to those I work with.

I would and do recommend the course and strongly suggest making contact with other students and maintaining that network for support.

Inspired by Amy's story and want to find out more? See our RIBA Studio information for details on eligibility, fees and how to apply.

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