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Career resilience in architecture

Architects have a discussion around a table

Career resilience for architects

Read our series of articles and learn how to advance and progress your career, no matter which level you’re at

This series of articles provides the essential career advice architects need to meet challenging times.

Experienced architects share their advice on how to:

  • Kickstart your career and find the right job
  • Stay sharp and focused in your practice
  • Master presentations and communication with clients and peers
  • Learn new skills in different sectors
  • Know when to move on to advance your career
  • Develop leadership skills and get promoted

These features, available below, are packed with insights to boost your career, whether you are a junior or senior architect, an Associate, a Director, or you run your own practice.

We will be publishing three new features each month, so please bookmark this page to check back later.

Professional feature

Does your portfolio tell the right story?

Learn what employers do and do not want to see in an architect's portfolio.
Professional feature

How to impress in a job interview

Recruiting practices share the essential dos and don’ts of a successful job interview. What makes a candidate stand out? What are the most common interview mistakes?
Professional feature

What will help you take your next step up in your career?

Proving your project management skills, staying curious, and showing your versatility are all cited by architects as essential to career advancement.
Professional feature

Learn to project a more confident you

Presenting your ideas to colleagues and clients can be a daunting task. Learning how to speak up while being yourself is a tricky balancing act.
Professional feature

Why practical and technical understanding is essential

Practical on site experience and technical understanding are a big CV advantage. A job candidate who demonstrates that they are interested in the practical aspects of how designs are executed onsite will stand out.
Professional feature

Find and learn from a career champion

Having a mentor has helped many successful architects advance their careers. A career champion can teach by example, provide advice and offer support.
Professional feature

The learning experiences that keep you sharp

Architects share the CPD, webinars and inspirational learning that opened new doors for them.
Professional feature

Find the passion that sustains your career

What motivates successful architects, and what keeps them going? Are they still passionate about the same things that initially inspired them?
Professional feature

Get your career back on track after a break

Returning to work after maternity or paternity leave, or any other sabbatical, involves catching up on what has changed at your practice and in architecture in general.
Professional feature

Finding your first job in a challenging time

Architects share the essential tips that helped them secure their first jobs. They give advice on using social media, staying positive and taking the initiative.
Professional feature

How to organise, delegate and de-stress your workload

Feeling overwhelmed? Karen Fugle, Executive Coach and host of last year's RIBA Future Leaders conference, provides top tips for taking control of your working week.
Professional feature

How do you start a new practice during a pandemic?

Phil Ward of Ingrain Architecture shares his recent experiences going from redundancy to setting up a practice

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