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Market your practice with a RIBA Site Signboard

There are lots of ways to market your practice, but investing in a RIBA site signboard when beginning work on a new project is an easy and effective method - without spending a fortune on advertising.

Here are five reasons why you should market your practice with a RIBA Site Signboard.

They show you're proud of your practice’s high standards

As a RIBA Chartered Practice, you differentiate your practice every time you use a RIBA Site Signboard, associating your membership and affiliation with the RIBA logo.

The signature red boards give prestige and add a competitive edge to your work, are copyright-protected, and exclusively produced by the RIBA.

Site Signboards are very exclusive - for members only - so flaunt your hard work and achievements by putting a prestigious stamp on your project for everyone to see.

They open you to potential new sales

Once you notice these distinguishable boards, you can’t help but spot them everywhere!

It's always interesting to note who is working on specific builds. Site Signboards are incredibly useful tools that act as permanent salespeople. They are visible 24 hours a day, and the exposure of your brand name on a site is prominent and continuous. You never know who will walk past one - you could just grab the attention of potential new business. It has been proven multiple times that signboards get more leads generated and drive sales.

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They attract local businesses

Feedback from members has been resoundingly positive, and many practices have had great results by using the RIBA Site Signboards, receiving commissions for new projects in local areas.

Joseph Clayton, Director of Clayton Architecture, says: "People seem to be noticing them in the local area - we managed to get two high-profile projects, both of which were outside major golf courses in the north west. As we had site boards at both courses, it led to a couple of enquiries, which was great."

Note that these enquiries weren't found through an online search or by looking through images of projects - the work and brand of the practice was on display, so piqued the interest of potential clients playing a round of golf.

They attract similar clientele

If your practice specialises in bespoke housing, for example, and you are working on a new housing project, a signboard automatically associates you with that building and the type of work you do.

This allows you to attract similar clientele for future projects, as they would have seen your work and so will have a good idea of what a similar build would look like on another project.

They show off your RIBA Member status

You can only display a RIBA Site Signboard if you are a RIBA Member. RIBA members are considered the gold standard of the architecture profession, so displaying a board is a way to promote your status, proving you work to the top of industry standards.

To be a RIBA member, you must have PI insurance and maintain your CPD, as well as adhere to the RIBA and ARB Codes of Conduct, proving that all your work is of the highest standard.

It couldn’t be simpler to promote your status and your business. If you'd like to find out more or make an order, visit the RIBA Site Signboard page or email RIBA Design Service.

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