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A trio positioned in front of a petite dwelling, highlighting the design features of an outdoor architectural pavilion.
RIBA South award winner Saltmarsh by Stuart Eatock

RIBA Isle of Wight: AGM

This is an exciting time for RIBA on the Isle of Wight as we are growing our branch and talking about ways to come together, learn, and showcase architecture on the island. Plus be introduced to the new branch chair, Tim Howell.

This is an exciting time for RIBA Isle of Wight as we are talking about ways to come together, learn, and showcase architecture on the island.

At the AGM, over drinks and nibbles, we will reflect on previous activity and plan for the future. You will be introduced to your new branch members and meet your new RIBA branch chair, Tim Howell


  • welcome drinks
  • chair to update on activities over the previous year
  • introduction to new branch members
  • discussion topic: what activities would RIBA Members in Isle of Wight like to see?
  • decisions of the next meeting
  • networking and event end

All RIBA Members are welcome to attend.

What does RIBA Isle of Wight do?

Aa a RIBA branch, RIBA IOW acts as a local hub for architects - providing a platform for professional development, networking, and advocacy - while also contributing to the promotion of architectural excellence and community engagement.

The activities and functions of the RIBA branch include:

  • community building: organising events, lectures, and social gatherings to facilitate networking among local architects and professionals in the built environment.
  • students and emerging professionals: collaborating with their local schools of architecture, facilitating connections between students, young architects, and established professionals.
  • sharing: creating platforms for the exchange of ideas, experiences, and knowledge within the local architectural community.
  • local architecture: educating the public about the value of good design and architecture in the community.
  • and representation: representing the interests of local architects and the architectural profession to local authorities, government bodies, and other relevant stakeholders.


RIBA Branch and Chapter elections are held bi-annually during January, February and March. Find out more.