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RIBA Honorary Fellows 2022

RIBA Honorary Fellows 2022

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has announced the 2022 RIBA Honorary Fellowships.

RIBA Honorary Fellowships are awarded every year to people who have made a significant contribution to architecture but are not architects. This includes people who have helped improve the quality of design and influence the delivery of the built environment in a more sustainable way, those involved in its promotion and management, and those who nurture the interests of future generations.

We have recognised 23 new Honorary Fellows from varied backgrounds including education, arts, heritage, conservation, engineering, and business. 

Find out about the 2022 RIBA Honorary Fellows below.

2022 RIBA Honorary Fellows

RIBA 2022 Honorary Fellows
Left to right: Baroness Valerie Amos © University College Oxford, Jonathan Self; Lord John Bird © The Big Issue; Marie Coulon © Jae W V Kim; Lucy Dunhill © Sophie Cash

Baroness Valerie Amos
As current Master of University College, Oxford, and in previous positions at the United Nations, as MP and as University Chancellor, Baroness Valerie Amos is an inspirational leader, who has sought to promote the importance of the built environment in transforming lives and widening the pool of opportunity.

Lord John Bird
Social entrepreneur and co-founder of The Big Issue Lord John Bird has dedicated his professional life to raising awareness of homelessness and supporting homeless communities worldwide. As a life peer, he focuses on social enterprise, social mobility and advocates for the development of better social housing.

Marie Coulon
As founder and Director of the Betts Project, London’s only private gallery dedicated to architecture, Marie Coulon has deepened awareness, understanding, and practice of architecture in the UK, through exhibitions celebrating and promoting the work of British and international architects.

Lucy Dunhill
Founder of Dujo, an interdisciplinary consultancy using architecture, technology, commercial and project management, Lucy Dunhill utilises their lived experiences as a young autistic person to promote human centred design which aspires to deliver accessible and more inclusive spaces.


RIBA 2022 Honorary Fellows
Left to right: Kenneth Frampton © Alex Fradkin; Pippa Goldfinger © Colin Moody; Lady Helen Hamlyn © Fran Monks; Phineas Harper © Alberte Lauridsen

Kenneth Frampton
Architect, critic and historian, Professor Kenneth Frampton is regarded as one of the world’s leading historians of modern architecture, who has nurtured the careers of many leading architects and continues to be a significant influence on current thinking in urban design and architecture. 

Pippa Goldfinger
Through her work as Head of Design at Design West in Bristol and as an independent town councillor in Somerset, Pippa Goldfinger has built a considerable reputation among architects, engineers and the public as an effective advocate of high-quality architecture.

Lady Helen Hamlyn
Philanthropist Lady Helen Hamlyn is a major supporter and commissioner of design and architecture, demonstrated by projects including The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design at the Royal College of Art and her support of the restoration of buildings across Europe and Asia.

Phineas Harper
Phineas Harper is Chief Executive of Open City where they make architecture more open, accessible and equitable. As co-chief curator of the 2019 Oslo Architecture Triennale, and former deputy director of The Architecture Foundation, Phineas advocates for social justice in the profession, creating opportunities for minority writers and young architects and designers.

RIBA 2022 Honorary Fellows
Left to right: Dr Elain Harwood © Emma Beeston; Graham Hickey © Ste Murray; Heather Hilburn © Yarema Ronish; Axel Hütte © Ola Kolehmainen

Elain Harwood
An architectural historian with Historic England, Dr Elain Harwood is a leading authority on post-war English architecture and has been instrumental in bringing attention to many threatened buildings. She shares her knowledge through teaching, organising and speaking at events.

Graham Hickey
As Conservation Director of Dublin Civic Trust, Graham Hickey advocates for the conservation and preservation of historic buildings in Dublin and is a regular writer on architectural heritage, the built environment and the development of Dublin.

Heather Hilburn
Chief Executive of Thames Estuary Partnership, Heather Hilburn is a champion for sustainable living and inclusion in the built environment. She has helped shape large-scale heritage and regeneration projects, ensuring that outcomes benefit the local community. She regularly commissions young practices, helping many architects launch their careers.

Axel Hütte
German artist Axel Hütte’s photographs explore the theme of anonymous architecture, depicting offices, housing estates, train stations and industrial buildings that stand on the outskirts of large cities, offering the viewer a fresh perspective on the formal structures of buildings. 

RIBA 2022 Honorary Fellows
Left to right: Alan Leibowitz © Bill Knight; Selina Mason; Nick McKeogh; James Moir © David Levenson

Alan Leibowitz
Alan Leibowitz, Chairman of The Landmark Trust and former Managing Director of Dorrington Plc - a residential investment and development company - is a rigorous client. Committed to high-quality architecture, his insight into the property industry makes him a valuable voice for the profession.

Selina Mason
Director of Masterplanning at Lendlease, Selina Mason is an experienced built environment leader, who has delivered significant and strategic masterplans. She is committed to the delivery of high-quality, sustainable and inclusive buildings and environments, that offer great places for people to live and work.

Nick McKeogh
As Chief Executive of New London Architecture (NLA), Nick McKeogh has spearheaded initiatives within UK architecture and provides a valuable service to the profession through activities, events and research. His development of NLA has helped place London’s evolving built environment on the global map.

James Moir
Heritage and historic buildings consultant, Dr James Moir has dedicated his life to the preservation and conservation of our historic environment. He has worked on major historical sites across the UK and is a champion for the importance of craft in the profession. 

RIBA 2022 Honorary Fellows
Left to right: Andrew Nairne © Kettle’s Yard; Sir Godfrey Palmer; Neil Pinder © Saskia Pinder-Young; Mark Raiss © Beata Cosgrove Photography

Andrew Nairne 
As Director of Kettle’s Yard, Andrew Nairne led the successful and award-winning transformation of the University of Cambridge’s art gallery. He is an advocate for the important role that architecture plays in creating spaces for people to engage with modern and contemporary art.

Sir Godfrey Palmer
Professor Sir Godfrey Palmer is a pioneering figure for thought leadership in the built environment and its relationship to race and slavery. His work has helped change the national story of Scotland, bringing a neglected part of its history to widespread attention. 

Neil Pinder
Head of Product Design and Architecture at Graveney School in London, Neil Pinder is an award-winning teacher with a passion for architecture and design, who has introduced architecture into the curriculum, developed teaching resources and promotes diversity and inclusion in the architecture profession.

Mark Raiss
Engineering Director for AECOM, Mark Raiss champions the role of the architect in major infrastructure projects and is committed to mentoring and encouraging the next generation of young engineers to push boundaries in engineering design. 

RIBA 2022 Honorary Fellows
Left to right: Julia Ratcliffe © Liliana Zaharia; Chris Watson © Simon Ward; Duncan Wilson © Historic England

Julia Ratcliffe
Structural engineer Julia Ratcliffe has a track record of collaborating with leading architects and designers in the UK. Previously director at Expedition Engineering, she set up her own consultancy and is a role model for women working in a male dominated industry.

Chris Watson 
Recently retired as Maggie’s Property Director, Chris Watson commissioned architects, interior designers and landscape architects for 16 Maggie’s centres, delivering outcomes that have a positive social and environmental impact on users and the surrounding built environment.

Duncan Wilson
As Chief Executive of Historic England, Duncan Wilson has steered the organisation through transformational change, overseeing the recording, interpreting, promoting and diversifying of England’s historic environment. He is passionate in promoting the importance of heritage and crafts to a new and younger generation.


Download the full biographies and Honours Committee citations of the 2022 Honorary Fellows.

Meet the RIBA Honours Committee 2022

The Honours Committee considers the nominations for the Royal Gold Medal and RIBA Honorary Fellowships.

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