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Recognised courses for the RIBA Conservation Register

Some potential registrants may find that they have insufficient practical experience in conservation work to gain entry at the higher and more experienced Specialist Conservation Architect (SCA) or Conservation Architect (CA) levels. They can, however, apply for the entry level as a Conservation Registrant (CR).

The criteria for entry as a CR include the completion of an appropriate conservation training course identified by the RIBA. Further to the RIBA Conservation Course we also recognise a number of other courses, the successful completion of which could provide evidence for your application to the Register at CR level. These include: 

RIBA-recognised courses meet the following criteria:

  • They are based on the ICOMOS Education and Training Guidelines
  • There is a minimum of 21 hours' structured learning
  • They cover a number of topics required by the RIBA for introductory understanding of conservation work

However, evidence must be provided by the course provider that candidates have satisfactorily completed the course. Courses vary in terms of timing and delivery method, so you can choose one that best meets your learning needs, time, budget and style. Most Masters degrees in Conservation will fulfil the above criteria.

Please contact the providers directly for course registration and for any questions on the individual courses.

RIBA also delivers a Conservation Register Workshop twice a year (currently only held in London) that will provide you with all the details required in making your Conservation Register application to the RIBA. See more information under the RIBA Essential CPD page or contact

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