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Applying for RIBA Chartered Membership via MEAP

The Membership Eligibility Assessment Panel (MEAP) is a panel of prominent academics and practitioners who usually meet every two months to assess the applications of international architects and academics that do not hold RIBA-recognised qualifications, but want to become RIBA Chartered Members.

Applications are by email and will be evaluated by the panel, taking into account your professional experience and portfolio.

To be eligible to apply for Chartered Membership via MEAP you must have studied architecture for a minimum of five years and also meet one of the following criteria:

  • at least five years' professional practical experience
  • passed RIBA-recognised Part 3 or the MEAP access course

Applying with five years of professional practical experience

If you have studied architecture for at least five years and have at least five years of professional practical experience, please read the instructions on page five of our Guide to becoming a RIBA Chartered Member to find out how to apply directly to the Membership Eligibility Assessment Panel.

Applying having passed RIBA Part 3 or the MEAP access course

To support international architects and academics in meeting the criteria, the RIBA runs a Part 3 course in the UK, Hong Kong, Dubai and USA. The MEAP access course is currently being pilot online with introductory sessions in Dubai, Hong Kong and Suzhou - other locations are likely in the future.

The MEAP access course has been developed for architects and graduates based overseas. It is particularly suited to those with less than five years’ professional practical experience and who do not envisage working in the UK, but would like to become eligible to apply for RIBA Chartered Membership.

Please note that the MEAP route is only available to those based outside of the UK.

Register your interest in MEAP by completing the MEAP Stage 1 application form.

For more information on becoming a RIBA Chartered Member, the RIBA Part 3 course, the MEAP access course and how to apply via MEAP, please read our Guide to becoming a RIBA Chartered Member.

If after reading this guide you have any questions about joining, please call +44 (0)207 307 3686 or email

MEAP access course (online)

We are currently piloting an online version of the RIBA MEAP access course, further information is available in our prospectus.

To apply for the MEAP access course, please complete the application form.

Please read Guide to becoming a RIBA Chartered Member before completing and returning your application form.

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