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Applying for RIBA Chartered Membership via MEAP Stage 2

The Membership Eligibility Assessment Panel (MEAP) is a panel of prominent academics and practitioners who assess the applications of international architects and academics that do not hold RIBA-recognised qualifications, but want to become international RIBA Chartered Members.

You can complete the Stage 2 application using our PDF form.

The form will open in a new window, so you should keep this guidance page open to help you fill out the form and check the criteria.

How to complete section one of the MEAP Stage 2 form:

Please carefully read and complete each section of this application form and return to the RIBA with the appropriate documentation. Your application will be reviewed by the MEAP panel at the next available date (usually every month throughout the year).

The form will ask you for a personal statement and recent reference letters. If you are using the PDF file mentioned above, please include these documents as attachments when you email us your application.

The personal statement is an opportunity for you to explain why you would like to become a Chartered Membership of the RIBA as well as stating your career history to date. The reference letters are considered key documents, intended to give the panel a full understanding of your role and responsibilities within each particular project. It is vital that these reference letters are as current and comprehensive as possible in order for the application to be properly assessed. The reference letter must mention at least one of the projects that you mention in your application and must be on company letterhead.

How to complete section two of the MEAP form:

The next section of the form provides you with the opportunity to summarise your professional practical experience, and how the projects you’ve worked on relate to the RIBA’s criteria for Chartered Membership.

This criteria helps us understand how your experience as an architect outside of the UK meets our requirements for Chartered Membership.

They are derived from the 11 points of a European Union directive determining the core competencies of a number of professional groups, including architects (Directive 2005/36/EC).

These 11 points form the basis for many national and international validation systems reviewing standards in architectural education, including those operated by the RIBA, the Union International des Architectes (UIA), and the Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA).

Validation criteria are used by the RIBA to determine professional competencies and in the context of the MEAP process, confirms that your education and professional practical experience meet the threshold for RIBA Chartered Membership. Mapping your work against these criteria offers an opportunity for you to critically reflect on your learning, and provide a useful summary of your career to date. Please note this section must also be written in first person so the panel can see your personal contribution to the project.

Please indicate which criteria are best reflected in each project you submit by ticking the box; each box will be indicated as GC1, GC2 etc.

GC1 ability to create architectural designs that satisfy both aesthetic and technical requirements

GC2 adequate knowledge of the histories and theories of architecture and the related arts, technologies and human sciences

GC3 adequate knowledge of the fine arts as an influence on the quality of architectural design

GC4 adequate knowledge of urban design, planning and the skills involved in the planning process

GC5 understanding of the relationship between people and buildings, and between buildings and their environment, and the need to relate buildings and the spaces between them to human needs and scale

GC6 understanding of the profession of architecture and the role of the architect in society, in particular in preparing briefs that take account of social factors

GC7 understanding of the methods of investigation and preparation of the brief for a design project

GC8 understanding of the structural design, constructional and engineering problems associated with building design

GC9 adequate knowledge of physical problems and technologies and the function of buildings so as to provide them with internal conditions of comfort and protection against the climate, in the framework of sustainable development

GC10 the necessary design skills to meet building users’ requirements within the constraints imposed by cost factors and building regulations

GC11 adequate knowledge of the industries, organisations, regulations and procedures involved in translating design concepts into buildings and integrating plans into overall planning

The form will ask you to provide details of five projects you have worked on; these may be academic projects completed during your education, or professional projects.

For each project you need to include the following information:

  • project name and date
  • project location
  • project description including how it demonstrates the criteria
  • up to 10 images of the project [NB: these should include site and other record photos, location details, contextual and cultural information, design development sketches, production information drawings - both general arrangement and detail design, interiors, or renderings of each project]
  • description of your role in the project [e.g. client, design architect, architectural assistant, site architect, project manager, developer. Please describe your specific role and responsibilities for each project
  • tick boxes indicating which of the 11 points in the criteria list the project meets

If you are completing this form as a PDF and wish to submit images that are particularly large or detailed, feel free to collate them into a digital portfolio, host them on the web, or send them using a secure file sharing upload service.

Other supporting information:

In addition to the five projects, there is also an opportunity to expand on areas of your professional career that can touch on any other research fields, teaching, or mentoring that demonstrate your well-rounded qualities as an applicant. These can be used to reflect the RIBA criteria points as well. Documents relating to this can be attached to your email for the PDF form.

Once you have completed the form, check that for each of the 11 General Criteria (GC) points, you have:

  • provided a brief explanation of (at least) one project and how it meets this criterion
  • described specific roles and responsibilities for each project executed in practice
  • provided further evidence and illustration of this work
  • your references reflect on the projects included
  • included a personal statement to demonstrate what RIBA Chartered Membership would mean to you on a personal and professional level

If you have any questions regarding your application, please email

Please make sure you've completed the MEAP Stage 1 application form before completing Stage 2.

Please return your completed application to

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