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Applying for RIBA Chartered Membership via MEAP

If you’re an Architect practising outside the UK and EU, you can apply for RIBA Chartered Membership through the Membership Eligibility Assessment Panel (MEAP).

The MEAP is a panel of highly experienced Academics and Practitioners who meet to discuss applications from international Architects and Academics who do not hold RIBA-recognised qualifications, but want to become RIBA Chartered Members.

The MEAP process is very straightforward and can be completed online. Applicants are first asked to demonstrate their eligibility (Stage 1), and then to submit a more detailed application and digital portfolio (Stage 2). The panel usually meets once every month to consider Stage 2 applications.


To be eligible to apply for RIBA Chartered Membership via MEAP you must have studied architecture for a minimum of five years, and will have completed at least five years post study practical experience.

If you have less than five years' professional practical experience, you may still apply for MEAP, but first need to complete a MEAP access course.

Please note that the MEAP route is only available to architects based outside the UK.

Applying for the MEAP

Please register your interest in MEAP by completing the MEAP Stage 1 application form.

Once we’ve confirmed your eligibility, you can progress to your MEAP Stage 2 application.

If MEAP doesn't apply to you, there are other routes to RIBA membership.

Please find below a selection of testimonials from candidates who have successfully passed the MEAP in the past:

Ransirini Kumara

"I am Ransirini Kumara, a practising Architect from Sri Lanka, and I am privileged to have received the RIBA Chartered Membership through the MEAP in November 2021.

I am honoured to be a part of this globally recognised esteemed organisation and look forward to contributing and improving my practice through the resources and opportunities offered by the RIBA.

The MEAP process was very precise and well-defined and made my journey an easy sail until the end. Moreover, the application methodology was very distinctly detailed digitally and seamlessly. I wish to invite the young Architects world over to join RIBA and enhance the scopes and horizons of their profession."

-Ransirini Kumara (Passed MEAP in November 2021)

Tina Bader

"I would like to thank you for an enlightening experience regarding the process of joining the RIBA team of architects. Applying to become a member was a clear and simple process to follow; each step was well-defined and explained in detail.

The RIBA membership team helped me a great deal throughout the process through their thorough assessment of my application, which gave me sound feedback to work with. The process of applying alongside the comprehensive reviews of the jury just confirmed why it is a great honour to join the RIBA team."

- Tina Bader (Passed MEAP in November 2021)

Shishir Pitre

"For architects educated outside the UK, a Chartered RIBA Membership validates one's professional experience and expertise to par with international standards. As an Associate Architect at Charles Correa Associates, it was inspiring to see his name etched on the walls of RIBA UK as a RIBA Gold Medal awardee.

With 26 years of professional experience in all aspects of the architectural profession, I applied for membership through the MEAP process. Upon application, I received clear guidance about the procedure, payment, timeline, and documentation required. The International Assessment team's replies to my queries and draft submission were precise and prompt. It was a moment of pride when the MEAP panel approved my final submission for Chartered Architect membership.

Being a Chartered RIBA Architect has enabled me to access international and local chapter webinars, site visits, and continuous learning programs. I shall continue to benefit from the membership and look forward to becoming a Fellow Member in the near future."

-Shishir Pitre (Passed MEAP in July 2021)

Dr. Rasem Badran

“I am honoured to be a member of RIBA, with its ongoing efforts of acknowledging the urgent need for inclusion in the architecture profession. By establishing its internal diversity and accepting members outside of the United Kingdom, RIBA emerges from a narrow circle into a cultural compass.

In addition to encouraging cross-media lectures by international members and researchers, who are influential in their own communities and region, RIBA becomes a global academic platform for dialogue. Such efforts are hard to come across in today’s world, and I hope that this continues and grows to promote diversity in the value of architectural content.”

-Dr. Rasem Badran (Passed MEAP in June 2021)

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