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Key Stage 4 Citizenship Resources

Our citizenship resources empower Key Stage 4 students to recognise and understand the needs of different community groups in their local area.

Our Citizenship resources empower Key Stage 4 students to recognise and understand the needs of different community groups in their local area.

Subject: Citizenship

These lessons introduce Key Stage Four students to activities of engaging with their social and spatial environment. They aim to develop foundations for further involvement with local environments and communities. The lessons first involve them gathering information about their local area through participatory mapping practices, such as walkabouts and transect walks. The following lessons focus on activities of engagement with local community groups that students have identified.

How to use the resources

There are four Citizenship lessons and each one should last about one hour. The lessons have been designed so there is a natural progression from one to the next. However, they also work as stand-alone lessons. Some have extension activities too.

The following lessons can be explored consecutively or individually. Lessons can be condensed or expanded if you have more or less time.

  1. Right to the City
  2. Walkabout
  3. Mapping
  4. Themes

Each lesson contains:

Teacher Notes – to give full instructions and background information to support your delivery of the lesson.

PowerPoint – to provide engaging visual stimulus for you to show your class, to illustrate the lesson and guide the activities. (Only classroom-based lessons have PowerPoints.) PowerPoint files use Bariol font and are designed in standard (4:3) format. Some reformatting may occur on devices that do not support these.

Activity Sheets – to provide students with further guidance. These should be printed out A4 double sided, with the binding on the short edge. They can then be folded down the centre to create an A5 booklet.

Available Resources

Citizenship Lesson 1: Right to the City
- Teachers Notes
- PowerPoint
- Activity Booklet

Citizenship Lesson 2: Walkabout
- Teachers Notes
- Activity Booklet

Citizenship Lesson 3: Mapping
- Teachers Notes
- PowerPoint
- Activity Booklet

Citizenship Lesson 4: Community Themes
- Teachers Notes
- PowerPoint
- Activity Booklet


Writer: Nicola Antaki

Illustrations: Dovilė Čiapaitė

Graphics: Ashleigh-Paige Fielding

Editor: Fiona MacDonald

About the Citizenship resource writer:

Architect Nicola Antaki's doctoral practice-led design research looks at how architecture can be a third teacher and develops a critical pedagogical participatory design practice that includes school children in (re)designing their environment. Her research, situated in Mumbai since 2011, combines interdisciplinary practices of pedagogy and design, placed between the Bartlett School of Architecture and the Development Planning Unit at UCL.

Nicola studied Architecture at Oxford Brookes University, The Royal College of Art and UCL and has taught architecture at Nottingham University. She is co-founder of biennial FOCUS Photography Festival Mumbai and collaborates with urban farming initiative Fresh & Local, also based in Mumbai. She worked for a number of years at Cottrell and Vermeulen Architecture and is currently an architect at We Made That.

Illustration: Dovilė Čiapaitė

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