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Recovery Roadmap Phase 3: Resilience

Phase 3: Resilience

The RIBA Recovery Roadmap is an online digest of resources that has been developed in response to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on architects. Drawing on insights from experts and practitioners, the content has been created to help practices plan their route through the crisis to recovery – and future resilience.

The third 'Resilience' phase, which will be launched in July, is based on qualitative research into the characteristics of 17 practices of different sizes drawn from across the nations and regions, which survived and thrived in previous crises. The guidance is designed to help your practice build in long term strategies to manage future disruption and economic uncertainty.


1. How to emerge successfully from a recession
Leaders from resilient practices will provide insights on what they learned from previous recessions

2. How to maintain financial resilience
(launching soon)

This feature will discuss strategies used by resilient practices to safeguard liquidity and profitability

3. How to sustain business with a diverse portfolio
(launching soon)

This feature will explore how diversifying client sectors and services helps resilient practices ride out peaks and troughs

4. How to leverage your practice reputation
(launching soon)

This feature will explore how resilient practices promote their expertise and track record to win work

5. How to build adaptability into your business model
(launching soon)

This feature will set out approaches resilient practices use to adopt new ways of working

6. How to lead a resilient practice
(launching soon)

This feature will explore how leaders of resilient practices engage their teams with a clear vision for their practice

7. How to prepare your team for the future
(launching soon)

This feature will set out how resilient practices develop resilient staff

8. How to explore new opportunities
(launching soon)

This feature will explore how resilient practices use research and development to expand into new services and markets

What next?

If you already have measures in place to secure the long term resilience of your practice, you can return to the homepage of the Recovery Roadmap for a full overview of the content for the Response and Recovery phases.

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We are keen to hear about your experience of lockdown. Your insights and experiences of responding to and recovering from this crisis are invaluable and help to inform the content we produce. Please send us your feedback and ideas with any feedback or experiences you are willing to share.

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