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Stephen Lawrence Prize 2016

House of Trace - photograph by Tim Croker

Stephen Lawrence Prize 2016

The Stephen Lawrence Prize rewards the best projects with a construction budget of less than £1 million

Stephen Lawrence Prize 2016 winner: House of Trace

House of Trace by Tsuruta Architects has been awarded the 2016 Stephen Lawrence Prize. It is a surprising and delightful rethink of the terraced house extension. The play between old and new creates intriguing and playful spatial relationships within the house. The central void, marking the split between the old and new, forms a focal point where living and communal spaces have a direct connection to the sleeping and private spaces upstairs.

The Stephen Lawrence Prize is funded by the Marco Goldschmied Foundation, set up in memory of the teenager who was setting out on the road to becoming an architect before he was murdered in 1993. The prize, which rewards the best examples of projects that have a construction budget of less than £1 million, is intended to encourage fresh talent working with smaller budgets.

Stephen Lawrence Prize 2016 shortlist

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Stephen Lawrence Prize past winners

2015 - Fishing Hut, by Níall McLaughlin Architects

2014 - House No.7, Isle of Tree by Denizen Works

2013 - Montpelier Community Nursery, London by AY Architects

2012 - King’s Grove, London by Duggan Morris Architects

2011 - St Patrick’s School Library and Music Room, London by Coffey Architects

2010 - Artists’ House, London by Gumuchdjian Architects

2009 - El Ray, Dungeness by Simon Conder Associates

2008 - The Sackler Crossing, London by John Pawson

2007 - Wooda Auditorium, Cornwall by David Sheppard Architects

2006 - Wrap House, London by Alison Brooks Architects

2005 - House, Clonakilty, by Níall McLaughlin Architects

2004 - Vista, Dungeness by Simon Conder Associates

2003 - Think Tank, Skibbereen by Gumuchdjian Architects

2002 - Westborough Cardboard Building, Westcliff-on-Sea by Cottrell & Vermeulen

2001 - Hatherley Studio, Winchester by Richard Rose-Casemore

2000 - Kielder Belvedere, Northumberland by Softroom

1999 - Roche Court Sculpture Gallery, Wiltshire by Munkenbeck + Marshall

1998 - Terrasson, France by Ian Ritchie Architects

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